Messages of Hope

Renascent Foundation invited Renascent staff, donors, alumni, and members of the recovery community to submit messages of hope to our clients. Below are some of the messages we received. These messages were distributed to clients across our inpatient, virtual, Continuing Care, Children’s and Family Programs in February 2023. We hope these messages inspire everyone along their journey of recovery.

We remain truly grateful for everyone who submitted messages of hope. To submit a message to this page visit:

This is the toughest and most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself. All of the promises come true. At this point, you may not see or feel that, but they do, and in ways you can’t imagine.

Hold your head up and know that there is no shame in getting well. You are not the actions of your past. Your past is only as important as what you learn you need to change to move forward and be healthy.

You are part of a huge fellowship that will support, guide and help you to live a life free of addiction. Focus on the goals ahead. They are attainable. You are capable. You have more strength than you know. You have survived, and now it is time to thrive. Let us share our stories and our hope with you. You deserve to be well and healthy sincerely.

– John, Renascent Alumni

You got this. Recovery and a life without substances is possible. I believe in you & we all are rooting for you. Keep going.

– Jules, Renascent Alumni

I began my journey of recovery from alcohol at Renascent in 2012. Entering the doors of Renascent felt like another rock bottom. My wife kicked me out and I had lost access to my 2 kids. But I was willing to listen and willing to change. I had no other option.

I gave myself fully to the 12 step program of recovery. I listened to my instructors (all in recovery) who had all walked a mile in my shoes.

Progress happened one day at a time. I could never imagine a life without alcohol. The miracle is that now I cannot imagine a day with it. The truth is this works if you work it!

– Dave, Renascent Alumni & Donor

Just know when you put the work in and accept your Higher Power, that life’s many blessings and the promises in the program become prevalent.

– Zach, Renascent Alumni

I’m a recovered alcoholic, and my name is Carrie.

What a gift of time and the possibility of change you have given yourself by coming to Renascent! When I arrived in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, I was filled with shame, guilt, remorse, and enormous fear, and loneliness. I was without hope. Without a shadow of a doubt I did not believe I would ever be able to stop drinking and lead a happy and productive life.

By taking the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, directly from the Big Book, with a qualified sponsor, I have found a freedom I did not know could be possible. I never thought I’d not want to drink; I imagined I’d be fighting that need to drink for the rest of my life. But that is not true!

Today there is virtually anything I can do, knowing that I am safe from the bondage of alcohol. And you can too! I wish you all the blessings that you deserve. This can be the journey that not only saves your life but gives you a world you’d never believe possible. It takes a LOT of work and it is the most worthwhile thing I have ever done. Blessings!!

– Carrie, Renascent Supporter

My name is Megan. I graduated Munro September 11, 2021. I wanted to write to you to remind you that you can have a life that’s worth living again.

I lost everything. My children, my husband and my family all for drugs. I ended up in prostitution and nearly died. I walked into Munro after deciding I wanted to live.

I hope you use your time to learn more about yourself and gather all the tools that beautiful home offers. You’re not alone and today at 19 months of sobriety I am back with my family and working again in a job I dreamed of.

Sobriety is not easy I won’t lie and say it’s been a dream for me…it’s hard, but I got a sponsor did my steps and work with others just like myself.

You deserve a beautiful life and so much more. Fight everyday like your life counts on it, as it truly does. People care about you even when it seems like they don’t. Take it one day at a time! You got this!!

– Megan, Renascent Alumni

“Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.”

Remember that each day is a day you’ve never seen before. Stay hopeful and lean on this community surrounding you.

– Harley, Renascent Alumni

You were put on this earth for a purpose. It is up to you to find it, and fulfill it. I’m sure you have many wonderful qualities that the world needs to see expressed.

You are not alone in this fight. Many people are walking this path with you, myself included. You can do anything you want to in this world. Know that, and never give up. You are loved.

– Samuel, Renascent Alumni

Just focus on this day, this hour, this minute, and do the next right thing.

– Michael, Renascent Alumni

Everyone has bad days, but what you do with those days is what matters.

Conquer the day, don’t let the day conquer you. Xo!

– Laura, Renascent Alumni

Wow! I could not be more proud of you than I am. It is such a brave thing to do, and to be well physically and mentally for yourself.

Keep moving forward! You are so so important in this world and you will feel so much more peace and awareness. I am so happy for you. Lots of hugs.

– Janette, Renascent Alumni  

Hold On Pain Ends (HOPE).

You are worth so much and surrounded by love. Don’t be afraid to reach out <3

– Natalie, Renascent Alumni

Dear Life Traveller,

Congratulations on your courageous steps taken towards your recovery. Always remember that you are worth it, and you matter because you exist.

Love yourself first, most, and always. Sending you much love, light and strength <3

– Mary, Renascent Alumni

If you stay on this Road to Recovery, it will lead to endless miracles. So stay and wait for the miracle to happen.

– Kevin, Renascent Alumni

Hello Dear Friend,

I was once where you are. An Alumni of Renascent, I can say that it does get better.

My life of drugs and alcohol are a part of my past, but help me greatly when helping others.

I just celebrated 7 years of sobriety on January 28th and my life has never been more full of love, happiness and freedom.

The Promises do come true, but we have to work for them.

Your Higher Power loves you and only wants what’s best for you and so do I.

– Shawn, Renascent Alumni

Sobriety brings clarity, strength and joy. Embrace the journey, trust in yourself and know that a fulfilling life awaits you on the other side.

Keep going, you got this!

– Colin, Renascent Alumni & Staff

Recovery is possible.
It’s a gift we give ourselves when we decide to heal. Our pain and the circumstances around us keep us stuck. Everyday wake up and tell yourself “you deserve recovery, love and kindness.”

Give that to yourself.

– Desnee, Renascent Alumni

I thought I would take this opportunity to write some words of encouragement as you begin your Renascent journey and hopefully a new way of life.

Like yourself, I found my world disintegrating at one point. This wasn’t a sudden crisis but a years long unwinding. When you’re 19 or 20 and find yourself in a cell after a night of boozing and partying you can write the experience off as youthful stupidity. At 39 or 40 and numerous similar experiences it’s hard to lie to yourself anymore.

While in treatment I was introduced to the fact that I wasn’t a loser with zero will power, but someone suffering from a chronic condition that if left untreated would be fatal. As I had run out of excuses I was willing to listen. I have been listening ever since.

Life isn’t perfect for anyone all the time, but I can honestly say that my life over these many years of sober living – one day at a time – have been wonderful. My friends (yes I now have friends), tell me I am living the dream.

I can’t argue with that observation. I have made so many changes in how Patrick operates, that frankly I don’t recognize the old Patrick. It was pretty simple really, I turned the tiller over to who/what I call the “Big Guy” and got my ego out of the way. Funny how once I wasn’t steering the ship the craft navigated into port without a serious mishap.

Listen to what your counsellors have to say. Embrace the 12 Steps and once you leave the safe confines of Renascent, get a group, get a sponsor, and get active.

All the best.
– Patrick, 38 year AA member and 15 year Renascent Board member

I am the parent of an addict.

My son sadly lost his battle with addiction. He refused treatment, although a bed was ready for him.

It warms my heart to know that you are reaching out for help. There is lots of support and love available to you, many role models to show you that there is hope, and guidance in your journey. I am glad you are taking the steps to reach out and accept those helping hands. You don’t have to do it alone.

Stay strong and never give up!

– Corrina, Parent 

Sobriety was my rebirth. I no longer let bad moments steal the rest of my day. You’re in the right place.

Renascent helped launch me into the Fourth Dimension. Maybe we’ll meet as we trudge the road of Happy Destiny.

– Dave, Renascent Alumni

This is the toughest and most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself.

All of the promises come true. At this point you may not see or feel that, but they do and in ways you can’t imagine. Hold your head up and know that there is no shame in getting well.

You are not the actions of your past. Your past is only as important as what you learn you need to change to move forward and be healthy. You are part of a huge fellowship that will support, guide and help you to live a life free of addiction. Focus on the goals ahead. They are attainable.

You are capable. You have more strength than you know. You have survived and now it is time to thrive. Let us share our stories and our hope with you.

You deserve to be well and healthy


– John, Renascent Alumni

Change is a struggle, but the rewards are greater than the pain!

I know because I’ve been there. Don’t be afraid to really get to know yourself, and to be kind to yourself through all the things you find. There’s a light and calm on the other side of that.

Be well!!

– Niklas, Renascent Alumni

I am so proud of you! Keep going <3
You deserve the best life has to offer.
Thank you for being so brave!

– Tania, Renascent Staff

I was at Renascent in early 2020. I did well. I was a good person. A good participant. I “graduated”.
No offence to the boys, and Lady, there.
I got out and went right back to my drinking. I went and am still going through bouts of depression and self doubt. At points I didn’t want to go on. But I knew there was help.
Not just Renascent, but so many other places.
Renascent is an ideal place to start if you are serious.
But only you can stop!
With the help of of your higher power, you can you stop. I tried many, many times.
I’m lucky, and I know that, so far I have not lost everything. (But I’m close, still)
I love/live, not one day at a time, but one minute or hour at a, time I trust I can do it.
Find the people you can truly trust and ignore the others.

– Mikko, Alumni

You got this!

Recovery and a life without substances is possible. I believe in you & we all are rooting for you.

Keep going!

– Jules, Renascent Alumni

My name is Conrad and I am alumni of the house in Brooklyn.  Before I got there I had been through multiple rehabs.

I got to the house was so happy being there. Being sober felt like I was in kindergarten again…however I was not completely honest and found myself picking up a six-pack sitting on my deck two hours after being released.

Fear is normal. Not admitting it will lead to more despair. I’m back in the program and practicing my principles in my affairs. Be happy, be honest, and don’t overthink.

– Conrad, Renascent Alumni

You are so brave and strong. Know that the best is yet to come.

– Donna, Renascent Staff

It is never too late to be what you might have been!!!

“Never give up,” is a quote my Dad lived by and I hope you all do too!!!

It has gotten me through some of my darkest times, which lead me to the light!!!

Shine bright as we were meant to 🙂

– Kelly, Renascent Staff

I know it’s tough to get through an addiction. A.A. has helped me so very much! It’s one day at a time.

I just got through 7 years and yet I can remember trying to get through one day. You’ve got this.

Reach out for help. Share your feelings. You can do this. Live a life you’ve never dreamed of! The promised do come true!

You’ve got to want sobriety to keep it and then give your story away to someone new! You can do this. Have faith!! All the best and know you are in my prayers!❤ 🙏

– Arlene, Renascent Alumni

We have never met but I am a member of the Renascent family, as my husband attended the program several years ago. The program transformed life for my husband, me, and our two kids. It was a really tough journey, but one that was worth starting and continuing on.

Imagine I’m your cheerleader, waving and high-fiving you – virtually – on the sidelines. You can be very proud of your efforts and progress…. keep going!

If today you are struggling, or doubting yourself, or just not feeling great, I want to give you a virtual hug and encourage you that brighter days are coming, my friend.

Sending you love and blessings.

– Suzie, Renascent Donor

I entered Renascent at the end of July 2015. I was broken and hopeless. Over the next 28 days, although very difficult at times, I grabbed onto the lifeline that was being given to me. It was the beginning of my journey.

With 7 ½ years of sobriety, I am filled with love & gratitude for all the people who have given of their time and support to me. I had no idea in July 2015, of the gifts I would receive in sobriety. It is possible for anyone to get where I am by grabbing onto the lifeline!!

Sending prayers and hugs to you.

– Hazel, Renascent Alumni

I am so proud of you for having the courage to ask for help; for choosing to live your life instead of just surviving it. Like you, I took the decision to get better. I made the necessary steps to find peace. That was 13 years ago; the best years of my life.

Like me, you are worth it, you are loved and deserve a better life ❤.

I am indeed so proud of you, don’t give up, you can do this. Xoxo

– Suzanne, Renascent Donor & Alumni

Things really do get better. <3

It was really scary for me at first, but I kept going and now my life is full of love and light. It can happen for anyone!

– Christie, Renascent Alumni

Don’t leave before the miracle happens; you will know a new freedom. This program works only if you put in some effort.
– Mike, Renascent Alumni

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

Thank you for being so brave! Let the hope shine your future! 🙂 <3

– Raj, Renascent Staff

Wow! You made it this far; that is completely amazing. Continue with the recovery journey so you and your beautiful family can once again feel that love. You are loved, you are strong, and good things are coming. From one recovering addict to another… YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Many blessings.

– Dave, Renascent Staff & Alumni

Everyone has something, or some things they do not like about themselves. Generally, we close our eyes and live in denial until the next time we remember, or are forced to remember.

Before putting your feet on the floor in the morning, stop, think of that something you don’t like about yourself, and decide to take a single step, a small step to fix it. This is a good time to ask your Maker for help in this project. One small step. Repeat this every day the rest of your life.

We are talking about small steps here. Anybody can fix one small thing, one small step at a time. Anybody can ask for help.
Over time, and many small steps, big changes can be accomplished.

A good relationship with your Maker will come as well, so that you are never alone.

– David, Renascent Donor

Believe in yourself and the power you have to change your own life day by day. Believe in the strength you have deep inside and let faith help show you the way. Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring, let a hopeful heart carry you through. For if you trust and believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can do!

– Kirsten, Renascent Staff

In 1999, I needed help and a family friend who could not stop her drinking battle told my family about Renascent. After walking through the doors, I began to have peace with myself and the wonderful staff. They gave me the tools I needed to clean my act up. Today, I’m 25 years in recovery, at one day at a time and I never forgot the people behind and in front of me who gave me their strong support.

Thank you!
– Anthony, Renascent Alumni 

There is hope.
Believe that change is possible.
No amount of shame, guilt, or remorse can take this new way of life from you.
The life you are not living is worth it.
Don’t ever give up.
You are worth it.

– Stephanie, Renascent Alumni

Believe in yourself – you’re worth it.

Reach for the stars. You can do it for sure! Have faith and have hope!

– Colleen, Renascent Alumni

I have two family members who have been through recovery at Renascent. It’s truly a life saving place.

 – Louise, Renascent Donor

Believe in yourself – you are worth it. There is a better way of life waiting for you. I am hoping for the best for you and your success.

– Eric, Renascent Alumni

It has been 16 years since I spent time at Renascent in Brooklin. Those weeks were memorable and even magical. I knew that something special was happening. The support and kindness from everyone, not just the staff but the other clients was amazing.

It was, of course, only the beginning of my journey. I continue to this day to be involved with a 12 Step program for continued support. I am extremely grateful, happy and sober today.

– Mark, Renascent Alumni

It doesn’t matter what brought you here, it only matters that YOU’RE HERE.
I truly wish you a fulfilling journey.

– Colin, Renascent Alumni

You’ve got this. You are stronger than you might realize and we’re all routing for you and sending positive energy your way!

– Ryan, Renascent Alumni

You’re in the right place, right now. Even if this place is awkward and unfamiliar. You’re doing yourself a favour, and my promise to you is that future you, will thank current you SO MUCH for sitting with this feeling today.

You’re braver than you know at this moment, and over the next several days and weeks to come too.

Stay strong, and to thine own self be true. You are not alone in this journey, never forget that.

– Julie, Renascent Alumni & Donor

Although you might not be in the best place at the moment, keep hope alive. All of your hard work will pay off in the end.

Although you have had to overcome the odds, you are strong and brave, and there are people out there cheering you on!

– Erin, Renascent Donor

Going through Renascent’s program has been the best gift I could ever have given myself. I didn’t go earlier as I thought my family couldn’t manage without me! I had no idea how much damage I had done.

I liken my alcoholism to wearing big blinkers (like horses used to do), except my blinkers as an active alcoholic had mirrors on the inside, and all I could see was me. As I slowly recovered, the blinkers opened and the mirrors fell away, till I could truly see and feel reality. It’s a process, and I love it.

I just celebrated another sober anniversary, a day at a time. I have a “God” in my life who is always there to help me. I have real friends and I have sponsees who help me remember what it was like, and I’m able to pass on what was given so freely to me.

Right now, I’m in an airport waiting for a plane to take me to the home of one of my sons. I’m going to be with him and his family, plus another son (who lives in the US), and his family, and another who has 33 years in AA, and lives in Australia, with his family. Can you believe it? It’s a family reunion, and they really want me with them!

Thank you Renascent, God and AA.
– Sandy B., Renascent Alumni & Donor

Embrace the process.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
You’ve got this, you are no longer alone!

– Carrie, Renascent Alumni

You don’t need to have hope; we have lots of it 🙂

What I mean is when I started my recovery journey, I had one foot in, one foot out. I went along to get along, while I secretly was planning my escape. Lifelong recovery for me seemed hopeless and some how, at the right time, I would slip out the door, die a tragic alcoholic death and in some distorted way, that fate felt more romantic than living sober could ever be. I was without hope.

But I caught it; and I see that this contagion of hope happens all the time. People don’t bring hope, they catch it, like a pandemic. I caught hope from others with substance use disorder in recovery and once I caught it, I was contagious and other people caught hope from me, too. I never had to muster hope myself. I just had to be connected to others who had it and hope is now a chronic condition for me. I expect you will catch it too; get close and get infected.

– Joe C., Renascent Alumni

You can do this! You have to put as much into your recovery as you put into your addiction. Connect to others in recovery so you have people in your life to reach out to when you’re struggling. You deserve a happy and free life and this program makes it possible. You are loved!

– Lindsay, Renascent Alumni

Congratulations on recognizing you needed changes in your life, and starting to make those changes.

It is easy for a person to adjust their life sails when the winds of change blow a slight breeze.

It is a whole different and impressive thing when one can navigate themselves through a tsunami, and find themselves in calmer waters.

I can’t imagine the courage you have found to take this part of your life journey.

I know family members who are taking a similar journey. I am so proud of them. I am so proud of you.

Your life matters, you matter.

Bye for now.

– David C., Renascent Alumni

I am 4 years sober from a bad drug/alcohol addiction. Hold tight, keep it simple from the start. This is the hardest part, I promise. We Do Recover and we can.

I know everything seems so broken and confusing right now, but you have just taken the biggest step in your life. If you continue on this path of wanting sobriety, everything else will fall into place with time. (I know you don’t believe this, but I’m telling you.)

Find your REASON; find your WHY; and keep going.
Whoever you are, I am so freaking proud of you.

– Tara, Renascent Alumni

The primary cause for unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it. Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and be comfortable with not knowing. Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease and lightness. Have faith, not fear. Have a beautiful day!

– Krista D, Renascent Alumni

Congratulations to you on taking the first step to reclaim your life! Continue to show up for, and take part in your recovery and you will never have to feel alone again! Welcome to a path that will lead you to a life, more beautiful than you could have ever imagined!!

– Kayla, Renascent Staff

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