Mark’s Perspective: Step 2

By Mark H., Renascent Alumni

Step 2 proved more challenging for me than Step 1. Despite acknowledging my struggle with alcohol since 18, surrendering to a power greater than myself felt elusive. Sixteen years of fluctuating commitment to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) failed to bridge the gap. I was a 90-day wonder too many times to count. It took my time at Renascent for a pivotal realization – alcohol itself held a power beyond my grasp. I was 38 years old.

During treatment, a simple observation jolted me: alcohol’s dominance over me. This prompted a counsellor to inquire about my resistance. I shared my disbelief in a God that, in my perception, had taken the use of my left arm at 20 in a motorcycle accident. This counsellor’s personal revelation of a traumatic event at 15 years old resonated within me, revealing emotional survival I doubted in myself.

He posed a question: Was AA a power greater than me? Reluctantly, I agreed. 

Rage simmered at remembering the cheerful faces at the bottom of the stairs, but his response sparked clarity. AA became my new Higher Power – a fellowship of kindred spirits, my “Group of Drunks” (GOD).

For over two decades, my unwavering home group, a community of recovering souls, has been my anchor. My Higher Power continues to evolve, a testament to the ongoing transformative journey within.

Despite doubting the Steps and my own capabilities, a 100% commitment and follow-through to recovery proved effective. If I can do it, I am convinced that anyone can.

Wishing you Godspeed on your personal journey towards happiness, success, or whatever you seek in your recovery.

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