Leaving a Stamp on Life

Richards father had a passion for stamp collecting. Over decades and throughout his recovery, the Royal Canadian Navy veteran purchased and stored hundreds of Canadian stamps. So after he passed, Richard and his sister knew they wanted to give the collection – along with many of their father’s other belongings – to those who would treasure them.

When it came to the stamp collection, Renascent Foundation was top-of-mind for the family. “I went to the post office and learned that Dad’s stamps still had value. They did not expire and could be used forever,” said Richard. “My sister and I were thrilled to learn that Renascent Foundation would accept and use the stamps as a Legacy Gift from my Dad’s estate.”

Don, Richard’s father was a Royal Canadian Navy veteran.

The gift was fitting and Renascent Foundation found a special use for the stamps; they are used to mail personalized notes of gratitude to Renascent donors. Now almost four years after the gift was first received, the stamps are still used.

Richard’s connection to Renascent runs deep, with the organization being “near and dear to his heart.” Having served many terms on Renascent’s Board of Directors, today he is a member of the organization’s Client Program Quality Committee.

“My dad was an alcoholic but he was not a bad man. My wife made an interesting observation the other day. She said that gifting the stamps to Renascent shows that I have overcome any resentment I once held for him.  I agree,” shares Richard. “Our donation demonstrates the healing that is possible when all family members have a chance to recover from a loved one’s addiction.”

Renascent Foundation values all types of donations, including Planned and Legacy Giving, such as Gifts of Stock, grants from donor advised funds, Estate Gifts and Legacy Life Insurance.

“The life you built says a lot about you – your passions, your aspirations and values and your impact to the community.  Leaving an intention to give a Planned or Legacy Gift is essential to the future of Renascent. And even the smallest gift can have a profound impact on the lives of people served through Renascent’s programs and services,” says Christina Selvaggio, Manager of Philanthropy.

When a gift is easily converted into cash, the funds received are used to support Renascent’s life-saving addiction programs and services. If the gift provides another practical value – like the stamps – the Foundation will ensure the gift is put to good use.

“A Planned or Legacy Gift, keeps on giving and makes a lasting impact. Whether it be a gift-in-kind through a Legacy life Insurance Policy, a Gift from a Family trust, or a portion of your Estate, your gift leaves an impact that will be treasured for a life-time,” says Christina.

For Richard, the gift of his dad’s stamps is deeply meaningful and symbolic. “My Dad’s legacy is one of giving back. He did a lot of that when he was alive, as a veteran and as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and that’s a direct result of his recovery,” he said.

To learn more about how you can give a legacy gift, contact Christina Selvaggio at 416-886-3584 or by email at cselvaggio@renascent.ca. Renascent has more information about its Planned and Legacy Giving Program on our website.

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