God; it’s just a name

By Eileen Starkman, Addictions Counsellor, Renascent

When my daughter was born, I named her Heather. I loved the name and thought it was fitting. Since then, I’ve met many other people named Heather and I know that there are likely millions of other people on the planet who share my daughter’s name.

As my Heather grew, I fell deeper and deeper in love with her personality. However, I know that how I perceive and experience her may be very different from how others do. I also know that the many other Heathers in the world are different from my Heather, and each person they interact with may perceive and experience each of them differently.

Does any of this invalidate how I feel about my Heather or my experiences with her? The answer is no. From this example, we can extrapolate about how people view God. Whatever you use the word God or Higher Power, this concept is formed from your own personal experience and understanding. My views about God do not discredit yours. So feel free to define your God or your Higher Power however you choose. I know that how each of us experiences life is different and that is one of the things that makes it so incredibly beautiful.

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Renascent Staff
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