Cheryl’s Story: A Mother’s Day Reflection

By: Cheryl M.

Sitting here now, I can appreciate the journey to my sobriety. I don’t regret all the bad stuff. Instead, I give thanks for the gratitude that overflows daily of who I am today. I am a better Mother.

When I made my amends to my then 20 and 16 year old boys, it was the hardest most honest truths I had to admit. The beautiful feelings of freedom and love that overwhelmed me the next day can only be described as a true spiritual experience.

Today we share a beautiful relationship of truth, love and kindness. I’m able to hold my boys accountable with strength and love and encourage them both to look within and be truthful. I’m once again available to be the parent rather than the child they were taking care of three years ago.

It’s a special feeling when your children look at you and comment on the happiness they see shining out from your smile.

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