Alumni Perspective: Keeping Your Ego in Check Through Step 10

Step 10 is a continuous process for me and perseverance is key. I must be aware of my interactions with life constantly. It’s paramount for me to know when I’m misbehaving and letting my ego run the show and when I’m being self-centred.

My EGO wants what it wants now and I act like a spoiled child. It acts from anger, self-pity, fear and the need to control. However, I must be honest with myself and willing to admit the mistakes I make when my ego is running the show and I’m not aligned with God’s Will for me. 

I use daily perseverance and awareness, so I focus on love, compassion, empathy and understanding for the situation, person, place or thing. I must ask myself how I can be helpful to the situation and not harmful. 

With this motive it is easy to admit my wrongs promptly. I let go of my ego’s demands, giving me the ability to not take things personally and being able to respond appropriately. I then can be grateful that I am not taking myself so seriously. I am reminded that I’m human and I miss the mark (sin) at times and can make amends to make things right. 

With this, my ego is then affected positively as I view myself as a student learning from a mistake. I feel better by promptly admitting my wrongs and knowing what I need to work on to become more spiritually based. 

Persistently doing Step 10 daily accomplishes all of this for me. 

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