Alumni Perspective: How Recovery Saved My Relationship

Hello, my name is Mallory and I am a recovered drug addict and alcoholic.

When I came to Renascent in November of 2019, I was completely hopeless. Through my addiction I had lost my job, my home, my children, and my husband. My husband had been arrested; that was the straw that broke the camel’s back! My husband and I had had a conversation a couple of months prior to his arrest. He told me that if anything ever happened to him, I was to go and get help. Our relationship at that time was very co-dependent and toxic as we were both hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol. Even though we loved each other, our addiction was always the first priority. We would lie, cheat, and steal from each other and anyone else.

When I finally reached out for help, Renascent opened its doors to me. Although I walked in hopeless, I walked out in December 2019 with a new outlook on life! Renascent taught me many wonderful things, but the thing I took away the most was to get a sponsor, go to meetings, and do the steps. I did just that and when my husband was released from jail, he too threw himself into fellowship. In April of 2020, he too would graduate from Renascent. Renascent would also give him a four-letter word that once seemed lost forever “HOPE”. When he graduated, like myself he got a sponsor, worked the steps, and continues to work a daily program separate from mine.

When we were together in active addiction, we could not communicate at all. It seemed like every sentence would turn into an argument and each of us only thought about ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we had many many good times and the love we feel and have always felt for each other has never gone anywhere, but the deeper the addiction took hold, those good times were less and less. Today I can say that our relationship is more wonderful than I had ever dreamed. We no longer have to raise our voices when the other disagrees. We talk in feelings rather than thoughts, but the biggest change has been bringing God into our hearts and home. We are no longer concerned about what we can get from others. Instead we spend our days trying to be as helpful as we can. Twice a day we get on our knees and thank God for doing for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves.

My husband and I are forever grateful to Renascent and our fellowship for not only saving our lives, but saving our relationship. I have my husband back and for the first time in our relationship, and probably in both of our lives, we have more love and peace then we could have ever imagined. We have no idea what the future has in store for us, but we have FAITH that everything will be as it is meant to be and together, hand in hand with God in our lives, we will trudge the road happy destiny.

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