Alumni Perspective: Cultivating Step 11

By Candace G., Renascent Alumni

Candace G., Renascent Alumni

I Seek Through Prayer and Meditation to CULTIVATE my relationship with my Higher Power. At Step 11, I have a Belief, Faith and Understanding that I MUST rely on this “POWER” My Creator, God, The Great Mystery of the Universe or which ever POWER works for me.

I guess for me I’ve learned to keep it as simple as I can. I start my day in complete surrender, Asking for the guidance and direction for good thoughts, good words and good actions for this day. That I may be useful to my Creator and others today and to not pick up alcohol in any form.

Prayer and mediation teaches me to sit quiet, be present in this moment. What a gift to participate in life today. To Be a mom. A partner. A friend. A helper in the community. Some one reliable and accountable today.

I was gifted unconditional LOVE through this recovery program, the people in my homegroup and other groups taught me that. You loved me enough that I was able to learn to love others and in that love I shared with others I was finally able to LOVE my self. Do not leave before that miracle happens for you!

Unconditional LOVE is the Medicine that is universal and powerful beyond human aid.

That language of the heart Is what my Higher Power speaks and is what I ask my Higher Power for in all that I do, one day at a time.

Step 11 releases me of that bondage of self and allows space for Grace to enter my life.

To listen, to be useful and have purpose in my life and in my relationships with others.

To really allow myself to feel the presence of my Higher Power! This program teaches me that an open mind is a teachable mind if I’m listening. I learn through nature we are all interconnected and how everything is in reliance of the natural order of the great powers of the Universe!

I also have come to believe that I am spirit having a human experience and today I choose to live in the  LOVE not FEAR, just for today through the grace of God I can.

Everything is in God’s time and in God’s order not mine.

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