Innate Knowledge

by Don Coyhis

God made the universe in a way that didn’t leave things to be a secret. Everything is either in harmony or out of harmony with the principles, laws and values of natural law. For example, inside a salmon he wrote a blueprint. Every salmon knows how to be a good salmon. The salmon will not try to fly or wish it could be like a deer. A salmon will do things that salmons do. Inside of every bear is something that tells it how to lick her cub, how to handle it, and other information to be a good bear. The tree has all the information inside it to be a good tree. They know how to be trees naturally.

Inside every human being is the innate knowledge of your own well-being – knowledge of how to be a well human being. You inherently know what to do. The only thing remaining is choice. Inside every young girl or boy is the innate knowledge of their own well-being. That’s where conscience comes from – knowing right from wrong. If you are about to do something you know is not right, who are you arguing with? What generates that little voice? There is innate knowledge of our own well-being, which is very, very powerful.

Let’s take a look at how we are conditioned. Ninety-five percent of all self-talk is not about what’s going on, it’s about the past. We are always referring back to our story of life. No one is paying attention to what is going on now. We prefer to go back and dig up our life history, applying our life history to current moments. Ninety-five percent of our thoughts are based on past and previously recorded information. They are not focused on what is really going on now. Ninety-five percent of a normal conversation lacks awareness of the present. It’s all about the past. Some of the past that we refer to is angry past, and some is fear past.

But the opportunity is glaring right in front of you. You have the potential and the ability to be in harmony with God’s will. When you look inside you, you will start to discover the truth.

Here is a little exercise you can try right now. Point to yourself. Just hold up your finger and point to yourself. Where did you point? You’ll probably notice that you pointed to your heart area. You probably didn’t point to your head or to your arm or leg. Why? Because that’s where it’s written. People have a knowing about where they really are.

Inside every human being is the innate knowledge of its own well-being. There is knowledge of a natural order that is in alignment with this innate knowledge. How does it work? If our lives are unmanageable, we know it because we are looking at the results we are getting in our lives. But those results are caused by some action that you did. Those actions had to be created very specifically by a certain number of thoughts.You can’t keep thinking what you are thinking and doing what you are doing and expect different results.

Thinking comes from ourselves as human beings, but the human being is motivated by the will. He or she has to be willing to change or willing not to change. But where does the will come from? It comes from the spirit and intent. The spirit and intent is the culture. For example, the principles, laws and values, such as trust, respect, honesty, commitment,and other positive values that are part of our cultures. If you want to be like the values contained in the spirit of our cultures, then your thinking will change, your actions will change, and the results of your lives will change. As you change your thinking in this process, the cocoon of safety, well-being and protection begins to form around you.

A second natural order contained in this path of events is this: thinking creates actions, actions repeated create habits, habits build character, and character gives you your destiny, or the direction in which life takes you.

This is a natural order created by natural law, and the natural law itself gives you the consequences. So, for example, if you lie you will experience the consequences. If you tell the truth you will experience the consequences. If somebody tells me the truth, I develop high trust for that person – that’s the consequence. The consequence of truth in a relationship is high trust. But if someone lies a lot, I develop mistrust for them. We begin to align to this natural order of being as we start living from our innate knowledge.

We talk about innate knowledge because sometimes pointing out the existence of something to a person, even if they are not ready to go there, is a statement of hope. By talking about this you’ll be informed that there is a place to go when you are ready. It’s never too early to be told. It’s like you are planting a seed.

There is so much hope in all this. Maybe it’s not easy, but there is hope to help Native communities, white communities, black communities, and yellow communities – all the people of planet earth. You don’t have to be a 12 Step person in recovery from alcohol or drugs. All you have to do is look through the peep hole into yourself – look into that peep hole of hope.

Excerpted from “Innate Kowledge” and reprinted by kind permission of the author. The complete article can be found here. Don Coyhis, Mohican Nation, is the founder and president of White Bison, Inc. You can visit their website at

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