Gifts That Work – They Really Do Work

Generosity and dedication are things that we are so appreciative of. They are the Gifts that Work – they really work to help save lives.

The work we have to do has never been more in demand nor more complex than in the time of this pandemic. 

The financial support that you send goes directly to help the people who need treatment, but who also need financial help. It also helps families who need support as they are dealing with the effects of addiction on a family unit.

We have continued to offer treatment throughout the last year – and have adapted to all the challenges that quarantines and isolation brings.

Without doubt, but for the dedication of our teams who have continued to provide both inpatient treatment and some new virtual programs to those who have reached out to ask for our help, we would not have been able to continue.

So this is a message of gratitude, to our loyal and wonderful donors who do what they can financially to help people in need, and save lives. And gratitude for the level of professionalism and care from the staff who have worked their kind of miracles under immense pressure while they too were experiencing the pandemic.

Thank you. I know you are in the hearts of the people who are now on the Road to Recovery because of your help.

Sue Jaffe
President and Chair, Renascent Fellowship Board and Renascent Foundation Board

About the Authors

Sue Jaffe
Sue Jaffe ( President and Chair, Renascent Fellowship Board and Renascent Foundation Board )
President and Chair, Renascent Fellowship and Renascent Foundation Boards. Bio forthcoming.