Addiction, one of Canada’s most significant mental health illnesses, is a chronic and progressive disease that impacts one in ten Canadians. Substance use costs Canadian society $ 38.4 billion a year (Source).

The good news is that real, sustainable recovery from addiction is possible.

For 50 years, Renascent has been a leader in abstinence-based treatment for alcohol, drug, and food addictions. Today Renascent is one of the largest residential addiction treatment centre in Ontario, and a national leader in the field of addiction treatment. We’ve helped over 50,000 individuals, families, loved ones, and employers find lasting solutions to the impacts of addiction.

Many people entering treatment require financial support. The Renascent Foundation gives people like you the power to help others reclaim their lives from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Renascent donors fund the best possible care, giving women and men the tools they need to stay clean and sober. Donors have also given a voice to the recovery needs of the family, both children and adults, through Renascent’s family programs. And because of the generosity of our donors, no one is ever denied treatment for lack of funds.

Nothing can speak louder about the devastation of addiction and the miracle of recovery than the voices of our clients themselves. Read some of their stories below and see what an impact your gift can make.


Painting My Life With Colour

“One year ago, I could not envision staying sober for an entire day. One year ago, I was completely broken on the inside. One year ago, I could no longer endure being me. Today, I am learning to live from the inside out. I am learning how to be me.”

Read Kim’s Story

We Have Our Daughter Back

“My journey to recovery began with anguish and hopelessness. My beloved child was sinking deeper and deeper into life-threatening addiction. I didn’t know where to turn. I was hoping for an instant solution to all the heartaches and frustrations that come with loving an alcoholic. It was not to be that easy.”

Read Liz’s Story

Following In My Father’s Footsteps

“I didn’t want anything to do with my Dad when I was growing up. And I certainly did not want to be part of his sobriety. But after being beaten down by my own addiction, knowing there was a house of love and change waiting for me started to appeal to me. I finally asked for help on November 28, 2000. I’ve been sober and free ever since.”

Read John’s Story