The Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award

The Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award is given annually to two recipients who have made a tremendous impact at Renascent and in the recovery community.

The awards are in honour of Dr. Ed Yielding, former Medical Director at Renascent, and his wife Bobby, who was also his assistant. In the spirit of their lives and legacy and with their generosity, the Dr. Ed & Bobby Yielding Award was established in 2013 to support those who mirrored the Yielding’s work within the addiction field, specifically at Renascent.

In 2021, the Award was renamed from the Dr. Ed and Bobby Yielding Award to the Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award, after Linda Yielding – the couple’s daughter who was also a tireless advocate for recovery and a Renascent supporter – passed away in 2021. Linda wanted to ensure that those who dedicated their work towards bettering the lives of others through stewardship of recovery and by supporting Renascent’s Mission were honoured for their trailblazing contributions.

Nominate Renascent staff, volunteers, board members, or donors who have demonstrated excellence and commitment to the field of addiction.

The nomination deadline is September 26, 2022.

2021 Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award Winners