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2020-2021 Annual Report

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A Message from Renascent’s CEO and Board Chair

The past year has been an extraordinary one on many fronts – one that Renascent will never forget. It was a year that challenged us to continue providing safe, quality and accessible addiction treatment and mental health support in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also a year where guided by our compassion, empathy and expertise, we were able to accomplish more than we ever thought possible in service to our clients.

Ensuring Access to Care During a Crisis

Our teams acted quickly early on in the pandemic to support the continuity of our services. With Ontario facing a growing increase in the need for addiction treatment services and a rise in opioid-related deaths throughout the pandemic, Renascent’s ability ensure access to services over the past year has remained critical.


In service to those living with addiction, we transitioned some of our programs to virtual settings, created new ones to meet people where they are, and quickly adopted stringent infection prevention and control practices at our treatment centres to ensure we could safely deliver inpatient care.

The launch of our innovative Virtual Intensive Treatment Program enabled us to provide treatment to clients online in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This program – which you will read more about in this report – has made a tremendous difference in creating access to care and reducing wait lists during a time when our health system is stretched. Our Essential Family Care Program, Continuing Care Program and Alumni Program also saw a smooth transition to virtual settings, ensuring the continuity of care for all clients, family members and loved ones throughout their continuum of recovery.

Philanthropy played an exceptionally critical role this fiscal year. Renascent is fortunate to have the support of many individuals, companies and groups who, through their generous gifts, helped us deliver upon our mission during these challenging times.

The generosity of our donors allowed us to bridge the gap between government funding and the cost of treatment; and offer complementary programs and services to ensure we were there for those who relied on us for support.

While we were able to accomplish much this year, we couldn’t have done so without the commitment of our staff. Despite the rapidly changing and challenging environment, our staff have shown extraordinary resilience, dedication and teamwork as they continued to put clients first.


They stepped-up time and time again to ensure that our clients – and each other – received the support they needed.

In 2020, we celebrated 50 years of service. Having served more than 50,000 since we first opened our doors in 1970, we’re well poised to continue building on our outstanding legacy in the years to come.

Building a Future We Are Proud Of

This past year, was the final year of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan; which focused heavily on growth, developing our people, programs, facilities, and client journey, and quality improvement. We are proud of the gains we have made and as we look ahead to the future, we are very optimistic.

Renascent’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan – which is being developed in partnership with KPMG LLP – will enable us to build upon the solid foundation that has held us strong over the years.

We remain grateful for the generosity of our donors, who continue to enable life-changing treatment for people living with addiction, their families and loved ones. We are thankful for our many partners who support us in delivering care to our clients, and we remain in constant gratitude to our staff who continue to deliver exceptional care every day.


Laura Bhoi

Chief Executive Officer, Renascent Fellowship and Renascent Foundation

Sue Jaffe

President and Chair, Renascent Fellowship and Renascent Foundation Boards


Virtual Intensive Treatment Program:
Demonstrating Leadership & Delivering Innovation

Stephanie will candidly admit that she was a life-long drinker. Having started when she was 14, she used alcohol to escape the passing of her mother. Over time, Stephanie became what many would consider a high-functioning alcoholic, whose high-powered career in finance involved a culture of social drinking. However, after losing her job in March 2020, Stephanie’s drinking began to escalate even further.


“I drank heavily in June and July of 2020, and by August I knew I had to get help,” said Stephanie, a mother of three. “I knew I was in real trouble when I started to need a drink when I woke up in the mornings. My drinking felt uncontrollable and that scared me so much.”

In October 2020, Stephanie began addiction treatment virtually through Renascent’s Virtual Intensive Treatment Program after a family member recommended Renascent to her. The program – which launched in April 2020 – was designed to enable the continuity of services for clients while Renascent, like many other mental health and addictions treatment providers, faced the new realities of COVID-19. Many treatment centres, including Renascent, had to reduce inpatient capacity to ensure adequate distancing and some even had to close their doors all together.

Renascent kept its doors open. The not-for-profit organization launched this virtual program at no cost to clients thanks to the generosity of Renascent Foundation and our donors, and started providing treatment to many people with moderate to severe addiction treatment needs through this new innovative model, who would have otherwise been waiting for treatment for months.

“Adopting this approach meant Renascent was able to meet the needs of many clients at a time of reduced treatment services across the health system,” said


Alessandro Motta, Renascent’s Manager, Virtual Intensive Treatment Program. “Our Virtual Intensive Treatment Program is derived from a person-centred approach emulating our inpatient setting where possible, while providing the tools, resources and support our clients need to manage their recovery within their own home environment.”

Through the program, over the six-week period, Stephanie and clients like her participate in twice daily group sessions on weekdays and have weekly individualized counselling sessions. Each client also has access to Renascent’s Continuing Care and Alumni Care once they complete the outpatient program. This program, which provides more treatment options for clients, served 161 people last year.

The Virtual Intensive Treatment Program was well suited for Stephanie, who did not want to leave her toddler and two teenage children at home to attend inpatient addiction treatment. And now almost a year into her sobriety, Stephanie is enjoying her new life.

“I am so grateful for my sobriety and I wouldn‘t have been able to accomplish it without Renascent. It was a unique experience undergoing treatment virtually – it changed my life,” said Stephanie. I wasted a lot of years and missed out on many of the simple joys of life due to my addiction. This is a critical time for my children and it’s very important for me to be present. I look forward to being the Mom that I always wanted and never had,” adds Stephanie.


How Virtual Treatment Provided a Safety Net for Recovery

Kara speaks very openly about her life and addiction. Having used drugs since 13 years of age, Kara has lived with addiction for much of her life.


“Let’s be honest about it. I had gotten to a place where I was using drugs and alcohol daily and I couldn’t stop,” said Kara. “My boyfriend was going to leave me and if he didn’t push me to get help, I likely wouldn’t have gone to treatment. It was when I got to Renascent that I realized that I too wanted recovery for myself.”

At first, Kara was admitted to Renascent’s Graham Munro Treatment Centre, however a change in personal circumstances made her reconsider inpatient treatment, opting instead to participate in the organization’s newly launched Virtual Intensive Treatment Program.

“When my financial situation changed, I decided to enroll in Renascent’s Virtual Intensive Treatment Program instead so that I could have the flexibility to work,” said Kara. “The counsellors were very accommodating and I was easily able to transition to virtual treatment, which literally saved my life.”

In the early days of recovery, Kara experienced unthinkable trauma which resulted in a brief, but intense relapse. “I was dealing with financial stress and at the same time a close friend of mine died suddenly,” explains Kara. “I ended up relapsing so badly and if it wasn’t for the Virtual Intensive Treatment Program I don’t know what would have happened. They reached out to me and made me a priority, which helped me get me back on track.”

Kara has benefitted tremendously from the virtual six-week outpatient program, which provided structure,


daily group counselling sessions, as well as access to Renascent’s Continuing Care and Alumni Care Programs, to support her long-term sobriety. The program launched in April 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure there was continued access to intensive addiction treatment services, amidst growing demand.

“I loved it! The program kept me on a routine, which I needed,” said Kara. “The counsellors were great and provided lots of support. They also were open and honest about where they were in their own recovery, which helped me not feel alone.”

Life’s very different for Kara today. She has built a stronger relationship with her 14 year old son and has set her sights on new goals.

“I’m learning to love and do things for myself. I am a lot stronger than I used to be. I am working full-time now and going to school. I am hopefully starting university in January,” shares Kara. “I have goals now. I find value in helping others. I am a very different person from who I was a year ago.”

Having seen her life transform through recovery, Kara now uses humour and social media to share about addiction – building awareness of it, while challenging the stigma associated with it. Her posts are all in an effort to make the topic seem less daunting by inviting conversation. Her candid approach also aims to give hope to others living with the disease so they know they’re not alone and their struggles are shared by many.


Funding and Fostering Hope Through Donations

This year, the power of generosity and philanthropy was felt by almost everyone who received treatment and support from Renascent. Having to adapt to the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment and the growing number of people seeking care for mental health and addictions issues, Renascent was able to continue providing its programs and services to meet the needs of clients, in large part due to the generosity of our Renascent Foundation donors.


Thanks to the generosity of donors, Renascent was able to: launch and deliver an Virtual Intensive Treatment Program at no cost to clients; provide free access to our Continuing Care, Essential Family Care and Children’s Programs to many clients who received Ministry of Health funded inpatient treatment; and help bridge the gap between public funding and the full cost of treatment for Renascent’s publicly funded inpatient program.

“The power of giving has been so clear to our staff at Renascent and the many clients we serve. From donations of PPE to funds that support our programs and services, we continued to see an outpouring of generosity from our donors,” said Christina Selvaggio, Manager of Philanthropy, Renascent Foundation. “Every donation we received has enabled a better, healthier life for someone living with addiction and on behalf of them, their family and their loved ones, I express my sincerest thanks for each show of generosity.”

Additionally, we were able to complete renovations and upgrades at our Madison Treatment Centre and Sullivan Treatment Centre thanks to a significant gift from an anonymous donor. Significant renovations at our Sullivan Treatment Centre, to reinforce and rebuild the foundation and heritage verandah, are still underway, and are supported through Ontario’s Health’s Capital Infrastructure Fund.

Through the tireless efforts of Renascent Foundation and the support of our donors, an incredible $750,127 was raised last year in support of Renascent’s Mission. Thanks to a $50,000 donation by RBC Youth Mental Well-Being Project under RBC Future Launch, transitional aged youth received support through a specialized treatment bursary program for Continuing Care, and clients received bursaries to attend our Virtual Intensive Treatment Program. 


Among the events supporting Renascent was Renascent Laughs which raised $20,000 and Road to Recovery Walkathon/Run which raised $10,000.  Additionally, Unifor and Ford supported Recovery Shot – Renascent’s annual golf tournament – with donations of $30,000 and $18,000, despite the event being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Robert Kerr Foundation was pleased to partner with Knix to donate PPE to Renascent. Through our donation, we were able to act quickly to provide safety and assurance to Renascent staff and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and support the delivery of life-changing care.”

Bri Trypuc, Executive Director,
Robert Kerr Foundation

Transforming Our Spaces

In March 2021, Renascent completed transformative renovations and upgrades to its Madison Treatment Centre thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. The $190,000 donation enabled renovations to shared living spaces and sleeping areas, making these areas more welcoming and home-like for our clients.

Madison Treatment Centre is a very meaningful place to those who have received treatment there. It is a place of safety, respect, and consistency and this gift has allowed Renascent to create an oasis for the men who come there early on in their recovery.


Creating More Connections to Recovery

Staff at Renascent’s Client Care Access and Engagement Centre are often the first point of contact for a family member, loved one, or someone living with addiction who is seeking help. They provide a listening ear and expert direction to services and resources.

Over the last year, the team has fielded more than 28,000 calls from people looking for addictions treatment and mental health support. The team also responded to a higher number of email and website enquires about access to care.

“Our team has been able to manage the increase in our volumes very well,” said Glen Adams, Manager, Client Care Access and Engagement Centre at Renascent.

“Our primary goal is to provide support to whoever reaches out and outline how the person who is living with addiction can receive help.”

Depending on the needs of each person, a member of the team will discuss Renascent’s treatment and enrollment process and help them navigate care. The team also assesses clients, triages them according to their specific needs using a number of criteria, and coordinates any additional services clients may need before beginning treatment.


Family, Continuing Care and Alumni Programs

The power of human connection has always been invaluable, especially to those who are in recovery. Our clients and alumni benefit from fellowship – learning with and from each other as they navigate their new-found sobriety.


With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams moved quickly to ensure clients continued to have safe access to the life-changing programs and services that they were connected to.

“Our efforts were multi-dimensional, as we worked to ensure that our staff had the tools and resources needed to provide clients with therapeutic experiences online; and that our clients felt as connected, comfortable, and engaged as they did when our sessions were in person,” said Sunil Boodhai, Manager of Family and Outpatient Programs.

Team members in our Continuing Care, Essential Family Care Program, Children’s Program and Alumni Program worked to seamlessly transition their services to online platforms. “The counselling we received was excellent. We had an amazing facilitator who gave us the tools we needed, listened to us, supported us based on our own unique needs, and affirmed what we were going through,” said Diane, a Family Care Program Alumni.

Of equal importance were Renascent’s efforts to ensure our alumni continued to stay connected as they supported each other in their recovery.

“Connection is so very important and in the absence of in-person meetings, we did our very best to recreate an atmosphere of hope and recovery online through virtual meetings,” said Prabhi Gill, Manager of Renascent’s Alumni Program. “Our alumni and Alumni Committees remained engaged even as we transitioned to virtual meetings. It was truly inspiring to see the tremendous leadership from our Alumni Committees in adapting and planning new ways to foster connections with both long-standing and recent graduates.”


Fostering a Safe Environment for Clients and Staff

Client and staff safety is of utmost importance to us at Renascent. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Renascent implemented stringent safety measures in alignment with Public Health and Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure that everyone who enters our doors is safe. And as guidance evolved so did we.


Since the start of the pandemic we reduced capacity in our inpatient treatment centres to allow for adequate physical distancing and we implemented other infection prevention and control practices and procedures. We also utilized our Madison Treatment Centre as a first point of entry into inpatient treatment, which allowed us to provide care while clients awaited COVID-19 test results before being transferred into their treatment program at either Sullivan or Munro Centres.

“We are proud to have received high safety results in our treatment centres over the past year, despite the high prevalence of COVID-19 in the community,” said Michael Lochran, Director of Programs and Operations. “Renascent has reported very few staff and client COVID-19 cases within our treatment centres, and we have seen high vaccination rates among our staff, which will contribute toward our longer-term safety outcomes.”


With reduced inpatient capacity and increased demand for care, our Client Care Access and Engagement Centre staff implemented a more complex triage and assessment process that aligned with our evolving programs and safety protocols. This allowed us to prioritize clients with the greatest need and those at highest risk for inpatient treatment, while utilizing our newly launched Virtual Intensive Treatment Program to serve many others with moderate to severe addiction treatment needs.

As wait lists for treatment grew and with each inpatient requiring COVID-19 testing prior to entering treatment, our Client Care and Access Centre staff expertly coordinated supports and services each prospective client would need to begin care.

“Our team coordinated COVID-19 testing through Women’s College Hospital, which has been a valued partner in our efforts to reduce the spread of the virus,” said Glen Adams, Manager of Client Care Access and Engagement Centre. “I am proud that at an immensely busy time, our team was able to support a growing number of patients while they themselves adapted to the many environmental and organizational changes brought on by the pandemic.”


Strengthing Our Foundation of Diversity & Inclusion

At Renascent, we are committed to ensuring principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are embedded across our organization and are at the core of our work. Through our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan we have worked to make gains in these areas and strengthen our foundation, as we aim to support increased access to treatment for marginalized populations impacted by substance use disorders and mental health issues.


Renascent has begun the important and continuous work of organization reflection and discussion around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Seeking to understand how we can better and more inclusively serve the various populations that rely on us for care and support our own staff has been an important part of our work.

Over the past year, we have established new goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee has facilitated training for various groups across our organization. We have also laid the groundwork so that we can begin using data to best understand our clients and those who are currently underserved.

“Renascent continues to make progress in its diversity, equity and inclusion practices and we are diligently continuing this important work to ensure that we are able to serve our clients and work in an environment that truly embodies these values,” said Stephanie Austin, Manager of Human Resources. “I think Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations said it best, when he said, “People of different religions and cultures live side-by-side in almost every part of the world, and most of us have overlapping identities which unite us in very different groups. We can love what we are, without hating what and who we are not. We can thrive in our own tradition, even as we learn from others, and come to respect their teachings.”’


Renascent Foundation Signature Events

Guardian Angel Celebration

We were thrilled to recognize the contributions of our Guardian Angel level donors at our Annual Guardian Angel Celebration, which was held on June 11, 2020. Guests had the opportunity to hear from Renascent alumni who shared what a profound impact donor generosity had on enabling their life-changing recovery.

Renascent Laughs: From Robes to Riches

On February 13, 2021, Renascent welcomed over 300 supporters, friends, staff, and alumni, as we gathered for a night of fun and laughter. Spearheaded by Renascent’s own Cynthia Langill, Registered Psychotherapist and Addictions Counsellor, who also hosted this special evening. Renascent Laughs was a virtual, live comedy show, which aimed to raise funds and raise moods as Toronto and Ontario continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic and region wide lockdowns.


Comedians Debra DiGiovanni and Alonzo Bodden headlined the event which raised more than $20,000. The theme of the event, “From Robes to Riches” was fitting with a virtual, at-home event, as guests were encouraged to attend in their pajamas or their favourite formal attire.

The evening event also included appearances from special guests Nile Rogers, Martin Kove and Steve Ferrone. Event VIP sponsor, Comeback Snacks delivered an exclusive variety pack of their popcorn to our VIP guests for them to enjoy during the show.

Road to Recovery Walkathon/Run

In September 2020, Renascent alumni, staff and donors laced up to walk and run in support of life-changing addiction treatment and mental health services at our Road to Recovery Walkathon/Run. Participants had fun, forming teams and fostering fellowship through the month-long event which raised funds for Renascent Foundation. Given COVID-19 safety restrictions, participants were encouraged to fundraise in accordance with public health guidelines. This fun-filled event raised more than $10,000 in support of Renascent’s mission.


Recovery Shot

At a time when the need for addiction treatment has never been greater, our long-time dedicated sponsors and golfers of Renascent’s annual Recovery Shot Golf Tournament generously transformed their support into direct donations to support our mission in delivering addiction services to individuals and families. Collectively, our Recovery Shot supporters raised $78,781 for life-saving addiction treatment, despite there being no golf tournament this year. Special thanks to Unifor and Ford who supported with donations of $30,000 and $18,000.

We look forward to hosting this event in person once again when it is safe to do so.


Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award

This year, The Dr. Ed & Bobby Yielding Award (now called the Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award) was presented to Tania Archer, Renascent’s Director of Business Development and Philanthropy and Aldo Udovicic, a Renascent alumni and long-time supporter of the organization at the Annual Guardian Angel Celebration. Both Tania and Aldo are actively engaged members of the recovery community and have shown great dedication and passion in supporting others along their road to recovery. Their involvement at Renascent has been critical as we continue to work toward meeting the needs of people living with addiction.



Thank you to the many individuals, groups, and organizations who have donated to Renascent Foundation over the past year. We are grateful for their generosity.

  • 2681595 Ontario Inc.
  • Algoma Central Railway
  • Bill Morneau and Nancy McCain Foundation
  • Blue Ground Recovery Counselling
  • Book Baby
  • Canada Running Series Inc.
  • CHUM Charitable Foundation
  • CIBC Head Office
  • Comeback Snacks Inc.
  • Community Foundation of Oakville
  • David Gallo Building Co. Ltd.
  • De Novo Treatment Centre
  • DivorceMate Software Inc.
  • Durham Community Foundation
  • Early Morning Productions
  • Granite Club
  • Green Shield Canada
  • H P Holdings Corp
  • HSM LLP Professional Chartered Accountants
  • IBEW Local 353
  • IBM Canada Ltd.
  • International Union of Elevator Constructors-Local 50
  • Ironworkers Local 721
  • Kelsi Byers Digital and Consulting
  • Little Engine Moving Pictures Inc.
  • Magna International Inc.
  • Mandel Scientific Company Inc.
  • Oasis Addiction Recovery Society
  • Paul Mulvihill Charitable Foundation
  • Peller Estates
  • Inc.
  • RBC Youth Mental Well-Being Project under RBC Future Launch
  • Relating in Recovery
  • Scotiabank
  • Sustainable Recovery Counselling
  • T.E.I.B.A.S. Ltd./ I.B.E.W
  • The Ford Motor Company
  • The Lloyd and Gladys Fogler Foundation
  • The Norman & Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation
  • The Regional Municipality of York
  • The Silent Auction Company
  • Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
  • Total Signs
  • Trinity Industrial Supply Inc.
  • UA Local 46
  • UNIFOR Local 112
  • UNIFOR Local 4401
  • Veiliant Inc.
  • Ventra Plastics Peterborough
  • Vincent A. Mercier Professional Corporation
  • XYZ Storage
  • Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada

Financials & Reporting

Renascent Foundation Inc. Statement of Revenue and Expenses
– Year Ended March 31

  2021 2020 
  Total Total 
RevenueDonations$ 542,62212.46%$ 750,12815.08%
 Fees for Services$ 2,825,19464.89%$ 3,067,85461.67%
 Essential Family Care$ 72,3201.66%$ 165,8853.33%
 Special Events – revenue$ 155,8463.58%$ 314,2626.32%
 Rental income$ 642,95914.77%$ 642,95912.92%
 2020 Wage Subsidy Income$ 105,3372.42%$ 11,8580.24%
 Miscellaneous$ 9,2620.21%$ 21,7300.44%
  $ 4,353,540100%$ 4,974,675100%
ExpensesGrant to Renascent Fellowship$ 1,111,30528.63%$ 1,523,58429.98%
 Treatment centres$ 1,648,87742.48%$ 2,054,80340.43%
 Special events$ 39,2521.01%$ 176,6613.48%
 Annual giving$ 206,1135.31%$ 351,6216.92%
 General Administration$ 342,6978.83%$ 449,1458.84%
 Insurance$ 2,0260.05%$ 8,1700.16%
 Property Tax$ 16,9980.44%$ 17,5800.35%
 Interest on long term debt$ 73,6241.90%$ 81,1191.60%
 Amortization$ 440,28711.34%$ 419,4848.25%
  $ 3,881,179100%$ 5,082,166100%
Revenue Over Expenses $ 472,361 -$ 107,491 

Renascent Fellowship Statement of Revenue and Expenses
– Year Ended March 31

  2021 2020
  Total Total
RevenueToronto Central LHIN – operations$ 2,631,31740.84%$ 2,631,31744.84%
 Grants from Renascent Foundation$ 1,111,30517.25%$ 1,523,18425.96%
 Ministry of health and Long-Term Care$ 389,2566.04%$ 70,3611.20%
 2020 Wage Subsidy Income$ 1,057,50616.41%$ 92,7071.58%
 Service Provision fee$ 1,254,22519.46%$ 1,550,76126.43%
ExpensesMen’s Inpatient and Continuing Care Treatment, Alumni Services$ 3,904,20360.58%$ 3,439,69357.79%
 Women’s Inpatient and Continuing Care Treatment, Alumni Services$ 1,456,66522.60%$ 1,606,72526.97%
 Family Program$ 282,5244.38%$ 281,1754.79%
 Access Centre$ 511,7417.94%$ 540,7389.21%
 Virtual Intensive Treatment Program$ 289,4764.49%$ –0%

2020-2021 By The Numbers

Our Client Centre team handled 28,359 phone calls from people looking for support.

520 people received intensive inpatient treatment in our treatment homes.


Between our 28, 35, and 42 day program stays, we saw a total of 17,524 patient days. Patient days represent the combined length of stays for each of the individuals served via our inpatient treatment program.

161 people received treatment in our new Virtual Intensive Treatment Program, completely supported through bursaries.


329 children, parents, siblings, partners, and loved ones participated in our Essential Family Care Programs through our new virtual platforms. 180 were supported through bursaries.

266 people received continuing care treatment through our new virtual platform. 133 of these people received the treatment through bursaries.


73 people received individual counselling sessions outside of our inpatient treatment centres.

1,276 people received the tools to recover from the impacts of addiction through counselling across our inpatient and outpatient programs.


123 monthly Renascent Foundation donors.

51 full-time staff and 46 part-time and relief staff, from cooks to counsellors, fundraisers to finance made up Team Renascent.