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  • Alumni Perspective: An Unshakeable Foundation for Life

    Working this Step keeps me grounded in my relationship with the higher power I committed to in Step Three, and then some — it takes that relationship to a deeper place. I tap into courage when scared; strength when worn out; comfort when hurt or lonely; determination when discouraged. Step Eleven is my anchor.


    Perspective: Buddhism – the spiritual path that fit

    Without meditation and daily review, I can return to the unconscious state where ego rebuilds, and it can take me out of the path I have chosen to follow. There is a Zen saying: “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” It tells me that no matter what, I must practice daily.


    The Practice of Mindfulness in Addiction Therapy

    What does the Big Book mean when it tells us He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves? Be assured that God is not here primarily to take care of us and our desires. He is here to give us the tools and the power to do His work, not ours. The will of God is infinitely more satisfying than anything we could plan for ourselves. If you are not so sure about this, stick around until you are. You will be amazed before you are halfway through.


    Video: Step 11 Guided Meditation

    Meditating alone takes a lot of practice and discipline. Until you get to a place where you can do it comfortably, or during times when you’re struggling to maintain that discipline in your practice, guided meditations can be very helpful. This clip takes you through a serene meditation, focused around the themes of recovery and step … Continued


    Perspective: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness in Addiction Recovery

    If you know or meet someone who is dually diagnosed and new to recovery, you can be of benefit to them by welcoming them and reminding them what the AA literature states on medications. Look out for them when they are at your meeting. Help them feel safe if you can. Remember that people can sometimes be easily led astray, especially when they are vulnerable due to their mental illness.


    Step Ten: Living the Program

    I will not make it by merely gritting my teeth nor through sheer force of will. I must work to create a life so beautiful that tossing it aside for the illusion of temporary relief is ridiculous and unthinkable. I must remember that sobriety is my natural state, the one in which I came to this planet. It is my birthright; I am not creating sobriety, but returning to it.


    To My Beautiful Brothers and Sisters Who Struggle …

    To my beautiful brothers and sisters who struggle …

    … recognize that you are a sick person getting well, not a bad person getting good. Our actions may have been poor and our judgement lacking during our drinking days, but no one has the right to make us feel less than. You are finding the path to wellness and recovery – and the joy a life of sobriety brings is beyond measure.


    The Meaning of Renascent and Your Recovery

    For a person struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, things can get to the point where life just isn’t working anymore; after all, all the good things and people are either going or gone, and mind-altering substances, with all the suffering and consequences they cause, have taken centre stage. To make matters worse, it can … Continued