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  • 8 Really Good Reasons to be Involved in Your Family Member’s Addiction Treatment

    Spouses often complain that they have lost themselves in the process of their significant other’s addiction. They find that they have become people that they not only never intended to be, but that they do not like. In family treatment, you get to find yourself again. You will come to know and accept that your loved one’s addiction is not your fault and that you cannot make them relapse.


    Romantic Relationships in Recovery

    All addiction is essentially addiction to self. Recovery is a spiritual growth process that enables the self-centered person to become available to make connections outside of self. In other words, in active addiction, every connection is ultimately a connection to one’s own ego. Even when it seems like I am connecting to you, I am really only connecting back to myself.


    Ask a Family Therapist: why is everyone pretending nothing’s wrong?

    Ask a Family Therapist with Sunil Boodhai, MSW (RSW), BEd., manager of Renascent’s Family Care Programs, therapist and counsellor. Q: My brother and I both went to visit our parents during the December holidays. My brother has an obvious issue controlling his alcohol consumption but during the entire visit, while he was intoxicated and causing general … Continued


    Ask a Family Therapist: why do family members need treatment?

    Ask a Family Therapist with Sunil Boodhai, MSW (RSW), BEd., manager of Renascent’s Family Care Programs, therapist and counsellor. Q: Why do family members need treatment if a loved one has an addiction? A: This is a frequently asked question. In fact, when I contact family members to ask if they’ve considered our Family Care … Continued


    Perspective: Present for the Holidays

    If I had continued drinking there was a very good chance I would not actually have been here to write this today. My addiction would have robbed my family of a father and husband. It would have been a much different holiday experience for my wife and children had I not been able to be here with them to share in the joy.


    Perspective: The Magic of Holiday Fellowship

    I go to many parties and events related to this season but most are recovery related, with no drinking or drug use. I simply enjoy being around people in recovery much more these days. However, at family functions and other situations where there is drinking, my sobriety comes first. If I am finding that I am getting overwhelmed by the situation, I have the right to leave if necessary.


    Video: How to Find Your Chosen Family

    A chosen family comes in handy whether you’re in recovery or not! We all seek comfort in our close friends when our traditional family ties are strained or otherwise difficult. In recovery, your chosen family is your recovery family, and that fellowship you share is the support system that can help you get through tougher family … Continued


    Children in Recovery

    Of all the victims of addiction, children are the most vulnerable when addiction ravages their families. Without having done anything wrong, children of addicted or alcoholic parents are subjected to all kinds of harms, whether overt physical and emotional abuse or more subtle, but equally powerful harms like absence and neglect. Often, children from alcoholic … Continued