Take someone under your wing: Become a Guardian Angel.

Thank you for your leadership in helping our loved ones with addiction.

Renascent is celebrating our 50th year in 2020, and during this time many people like you have stepped up to provide treatment to people that would otherwise not have access to it.  Nearly two decades ago, Renascent’s Legacy Guardian Angel Program was created to close the funding gap between the Ontario Government subsidy and the actual cost of providing treatment.

Every year, Renascent Foundation has worked in partnership with generous donors and organizations to ensure that we can continue to provide transformational treatment for individuals and families impacted by addiction.

When the Guardian Angel program began, the funding gap between actual costs and funding was ,200 per person. This gap has continued to grow with a lack of government investment.

To find out more about becoming a Guardian Angel, please call us at 416-847-6444.

One Time Gift – You have the power to help families reclaim their lives from addiction.

“Renascent is where I find serenity giving back as a volunteer and through service. When the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to pay it forward to the next woman in need.”

You can join Susan in making a one-time gift. Your donation will make a difference in providing life-saving treatment to those seeking help for addiction.

Monthly Giving – Monthly gifts can transform lives.

“Renascent truly is the gift of life for so many. I’m reminded of this when I hear members in 12-step recovery rooms share that they are Renascent alumni. This delights me profoundly and keeps the fires burning in me for this wonderful thing that we have here. It’s why I give to Renascent.”

You can join Tony in making a monthly gift. It’s the most cost-effective way to support Renascent..

Your gift will be debited once a month from your bank account or through payroll deduction (including to the United Way if you designate the Renascent Foundation as your charity of choice). You can change the amount or cancel at any time.

Tribute Giving – Celebrate a milestone, an occasion, or a life.

“I worked with Bill for many years and I was deeply saddened by his death. He was a modern day shepherd, guiding so many towards a solution with his irrepressible sense of humour and humanity. Giving in his memory was my way of honouring a good man.” You can join Bill’s friends and family by honouring a loved one with a donation to Renascent. Or, celebrate an important milestone or achievement with the meaningful gift of supporting recovery.  

Tribute: In Memory Honour a life well lived with a donation in memory of a loved one. You can enclose a personal message of condolence in the gift acknowledgement card we send to the honouree’s next of kin. Your donation amount can remain confidential. 

Tribute: In Honour Making a donation is a meaningful way to honour someone. We will notify the person you’re honouring that you have made a gift and will include your personal message. Your donation amount can remain confidential.

Tribute: Special Occasion What better gift to celebrate a special occasion than the gift of recovery? Whether in honour of a wedding, birthday, recovery milestone or other special occasion, a donation to Renascent has significance and purpose.

Legacy Giving – The Lifetime Recovery Legacy Fund

After a lifetime of tireless service and support of Renascent and the treatment of addiction, Dr. Ed and Bobby Yielding gave their final transformational legacy gift for the care and treatment of individuals and families living with addiction.

As pioneers in the addiction treatment field, dedicated to both the clinical work and generous financial support of Renascent, as well as being members of the 12–step community, Dr. Ed and Bobby Yielding continue to have impact because of their final generous gift. In July 2012, The Yieldings left Renascent a legacy gift in their will of 2,000, truly one of our greatest Guardian Angel gifts ever.

In their honour, Renascent is proud to launch The Lifetime Recovery Legacy Fund.

The Lifetime Recovery Legacy Fund, inspired by Dr. Ed and Bobby Yielding’s transformational legacy gift, will address a significant gap in continuing care and ongoing support in the current treatment offerings at Renascent, and use their inspirational example to inspire new funds to provide sustainable, ongoing support.

The fund will offer giving opportunities through annual and planned giving to generate ongoing annual funds to cover the costs of providing continuing care and support to individuals and families.

Why is Continuing Care so Important?

Recovery from addiction does not happen in a few short weeks.  After intensive treatment, research has shown that involvement in supports such as continuing care, 12-step programs and other counselling/peer supports leads to fewer relapses, and greater recovery rates.  Unfortunately continuing care following residential treatment is not funded by the government, and so hundreds of people coming through Renascent every year will not receive this care without bursaries or private funding.

Why would I make a Planned Gift?

Through a planned gift, you can ensure Renascent will always be there to provide addiction treatment that saves lives, heals families, and changes communities. You will be making a statement about the values you hold, the life you lead, and the kind of future you want to help create in a significant way.

What is a Planned Gift?

A planned gift is a form of charitable giving that allows you to make a future gift to Renascent today, but is part of a larger estate planning process. Giving offers a number of ways for you to support Renascent.

A bequest or other planned gift can make a huge impact on the number of people who can get the opportunity to break their own cycle of addiction by giving them access to life-saving treatment.

A planned gift can also reduce estate taxes benefitting friends and family who may also be in your will.

How to make a Planned Gift?

Create or update a will that reflects your wishes. If you already have a will,  and are considering a legacy gift to Renascent, the easiest and least expensive way is to add a codicil to your will. The codicil will retain all provisions of your will, except those that are modified by this addition.

Contact Renascent to inform us of your gift, and to ensure we are able to honour your gift intentions as you wish.

Can I Make An Annual Donation Now to Support Continuing Care Bursaries?

Yes!  You can make an annual gift now to provide for continuing care bursaries through this fund.  Renascent’s 20-week Continuing Care Program costs ,000.  For every donation of ,000 designated for Continuing Care, a Continuing Care Bursary will be provided to someone completing residential treatment at Renascent, who is in need of continuing care.

Examples of Planned Gifts:


Bequests are a thoughtful way to make a significant gift without affecting your current finances. There are two types of bequests: a residual bequest, where Renascent receives all or a fraction of what remains of your estate; and a specific bequest, where Renascent receives a specific piece or amount of property, for example, a sum of money or assets.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Life Insurance can be made by naming the Renascent Foundation as a beneficiary of your policy, or by assigning ownership of your policy to the Renascent Foundation. Life insurance is also a wealth replacement tool to help you make charitable gifts through your estate while providing for your loved ones.

Gifts of Retirement Fund Assets (RRSP or RRIF)

The balance remaining in your retirement account after your death is subject to taxation. By designating the Renascent Foundation as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, you can make a sizeable charitable contribution while still providing for your loved ones.

Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities and Mutual Funds

A planned gift through your will using publicly traded securities or mutual funds will significantly reduce the tax paid on capital gains. It’s a valuable tax benefit.

If you are considering making a planned gift, it is important to discuss your plans with your financial or legal advisor as well as with family or loved ones. You are always welcome to contact the Renascent Foundation, in confidence, so we can ensure your intentions are fulfilled exactly as you wish.

When wording your bequest, please note our legal name is: Renascent Foundation Inc.

Our charitable number is: 1191 15434 RR0001

Contact Christina Selvaggio at 416-847-6444, by email at cselvaggio@renascent.ca, or by mail at 38 Isabella St., Toronto, ON, M4Y 1N1

Online Campaigns – Your social circles have the power to change lives.

“The reason why to this day Renascent gets our support spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially is that it saved my life and in turn saved my family’s life. How can I not give all that I can to help other families find recovery?”

You can join the Clune family in rallying friends and families to give to Renascent. Large or small, every donation will help you reach your goal.

On your own fundraising page (we’ll set it up!) you can set your own goals and create your personalized message. Then simply email, post or tweet the link to your donation page and watch your thermometer climb as your circle gives.

Host an Event – Have fun. Save lives. A winning combination.

“When my nephew Andy died, all of us were heartbroken. Our community was heartbroken. We hosted a dinner and dance and were able to give the Renascent Foundation a cheque for almost ,000. Renascent was a special place for Andy and therefore a special place for all of us.”

You can join Andy’s family in organizing and hosting your own fundraising event in support of the Renascent Foundation.

However big or small – bake sales, car washes, dinners, dances, novel marathons, bowling or softball tournaments – your event will generate much-needed funds for Renascent’s programs. Our team is happy to provide you with guidance.

To discuss hosting an event in support of the Foundation, contact John Andresen at 647-243-4037 or by email.