Complete Care Program for Employees

Our Corporate Complete Care Advantage

Since 1970, Renascent has provided residential and outpatient treatment programs for individuals, families, and employers affected by substance use disorders. We have built our reputation on the strength and success of our evidenced-based programs and services, and proven outcomes.


The Renascent model is abstinence-based, along with 12 step facilitation as the cornerstone to all our programs. It is augmented by a range of therapeutic modalities including person-centred and solution-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness principles, and art therapies. These therapies combined with our clinical best practices create an effective and holistic array of counselling interventions for each client in Renascent’s care.

Our clinical expertise rests largely in the delivery of abstinence-based treatment programming in gender-distinct settings, along with concurrent disorder–capable and trauma-informed care. Our clinicians demonstrate expertise in assessment and treatment planning, with a strong focus on person-centred therapeutic interactions in the clinical setting. Psychological assessment services are also available by a registered clinical psychologist.

Renascent’s professionally accredited and certified clinical teams have lived experience of addiction and recovery, so clients can feel safe in sharing their experiences. Treatment is offered in nurturing, home-like settings, which serves to reduce the anxiety some clients may feel in institutional or clinical settings.

Renascent is proud to be fully accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation, based on achieving organizational and leading practice standards for community addiction agencies in Canada.


“Renascent offers a phenomenal turnaround time in assessing employees and directing to appropriate treatment programs that deliver compliance reporting and a 15-week aftercare program. I would not hesitate to refer/recommend Renascent to other employers. Their counsellors are compassionate but firm in dealing with employee’s various addictions.”


Corporate Partner

Why Employers Choose Renascent

Renascent’s Corporate Care Solutions team is available to support employees and employers throughout the recovery process, ensuring everyone is on the same page, which offers advantages for both the employee and the employer:

  • Renascent facilitates immediate access to treatment. This makes a significant difference — a delay in entering treatment can be a barrier to recovery.
  • Weekly compliance and progress reporting keeps you informed on your employee’s progress so everyone is on the same page and working toward the same recovery goals.
  • Competitive fees mean you’re not overpaying. Renascent’s fees are typically 30-50% less expensive than private treatment centres. And, when you factor in the real costs of unpaid leave and replacement staffing, treatment pays for itself.
  • Hands-on case management means Renascent’s Workplace Solutions Coordinator will support you every step of the way, from arranging travel, organizing seamless entry into detox, advising on workplace reintegration, and working through client resistance or situations that threaten sobriety.


Plus, Renascent Corporate Care covers all the bases:

Primary Care

Renascent’s intensive residential program, is a solid kick-start to recovery. We work with your employee to determine the appropriate length of stay required, between 28, 35, or 42 days. Intensive outpatient treatment is also available.

Continuing Care

Renascent’s 15-week structured relapse prevention program, is proven to increase outcomes by 37% (Sue Weinstein, Research & Evaluation Consultants, October 2008). It’s available through distance learning so shift workers and those living outside the GTA can participate over the telephone.

Family Care

Family Care supports the distinct but inter-related recovery needs of the employee’s loved ones, including a Children’s Program, which contributes to a more stable home life for recovery.

Alumni Care

Alumni Care supports clients in investing in their recovery over a lifetime. The Renascent Complete Care Advantage allows the employer to legally satisfy its responsibility to accommodate an employee up to the point “undue hardship” with the certain knowledge that they have done everything in their power to help an employee reclaim their life and their ability to continue working.

Is Substance Abuse Costing Your Company? We Can Help You.

  • Same-day assessment and treatment recommendations
  • Immediate access: most clients can be admitted within 24 hours
  • Intensive inpatient and Continuing Care outpatient programs
  • Weekly compliance progress reporting and recovery monitoring
  • Return to Work Plans
  • Case Management
  • Coordination of detoxification and travel
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention
  • Education & policy development support
  • Family & Children’s Programs
  • Insurance plans accepted

Corporate Complete Care Pricing

(Includes Compliance Reporting)

19 Week Program – 28 Day Intensive Inpatient; $11,495 / $410 per day

20 Week Program – 35 Day Intensive Inpatient; $13,495 / $386 per day

21 Week Program – 42 Day Intensive Inpatient; $15,495 / $369 per day

Other Workplace Solutions Services


  • Abstinence monitoring
  • 12 random urinalysis screens during first year
  • Additional random urinalysis screens available on request
  • Monitoring by Renascent’s Medical Director, and coordinated by Renascent’s Workplace Solutions Coordinator
  • Results of each random urinalysis screen reported to the employer
  • Corporate Complete Care treatment
  • Safety-sensitive medical assessment with a qualified physician
  • Abstinence monitoring (as described above)
  • “Fitness for Duty” medical assessment and report
  • Performance Management: This 3-hour workshop provides practical information to help frontline managers and supervisors utilize performance management techniques to motivate employees in need of addiction treatment.
  • Signs and Symptoms: This 2.5-hour workshop helps frontline managers and supervisors identify commonly used drugs (and paraphernalia) and make the connection between these drugs and the inherent behaviors exhibited by employees who use them.
  • Addiction in the Workplace: This 1.5-hour workshop is designed to help employees learn about their company policy in the context of addiction as a personal health issue, family disease, and workplace concern.

What You Can Expect From Corporate Complete Care

Immediate Access • Case Management • Coordinated Withdrawal Management • Psychological Services • Return to Work Support • Compliance Reporting • Educational Sessions • Specialized Groups to Address Safety Sensitivity • Excellent Client Service • Privacy • Respect • Recovery

Why do employers choose Renascent as their Workplace Solutions provider?

Commitment and Experience

Over 45 years of experience in helping thousands of individuals, loved ones, families, and workplaces recover from substance use disorders.

Qualified and Caring Clinicians

A multidisciplinary team to address the complex health needs of our clients. Clinicians also have lived experience with addiction and recovery.


71.4% of clients are clean and sober two years post-treatment. (Sue Weinstein, Research and Evaluation Consultants, October 2008.)

Trauma-Informed Care and Concurrent-Capable

The majority of individuals with a substance use disorder also have a co-occurring mental health illness as well as previous lived trauma experiences. Clients with stabilized concurrent and trauma disorders can be assured our clinicians will be able to address their substance use disorder needs while in our care. Psychological support is available for those with undiagnosed disorders.

Recognizing Families

We believe in family recovery and offer help for loved ones, including children. The addictive family member or loved one does not need to be in active recovery themselves — we treat you as a client in your own right. Help break the cycle by giving your child(ren) the gift of their own recovery. (Learn more about our Family Programs.)

Diversity and Inclusion

We take pride in being a diverse and inclusive organization. Our men’s centers serve individuals who self-identify as male, and our women’s center serves individuals who self-identify as female. Feel free and safe to be yourself.


We have undergone an extensive review of our practices and procedures to ensure they meet the rigorous standards for quality of care, and organizational performance. We are proudly accredited and in good standing with the Canadian Centre for Accreditation and in the renewal process, which helps to ensure our continuous commitment to improvement and accountability.

Immediate Access

Timing is everything; it can take years to take action and getting the help you need as soon as you are ready often makes all the difference.

Recognized Best Practices Approaches to Treatment

Including client-centered care, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapies, as well as incorporating 12 step principles as core fundamentals.


Treatment is the only first step in the recovery process; our structured Continuing Care program helps you transition back into your life by providing the support you need when you leave treatment. Early sobriety is a vulnerable time for people, and so we help to guide you through your first months. We will teach you how to protect your sobriety and live sober.

Lifelong Alumni Support

We offer extensive support to our alumni, including bi-weekly in-house support meetings and committees to get active and help deliver social, spiritual, and educational events and workshops. Our alumni are always welcome back to our centers.

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For more information about Renascent’s Corporate Complete Care Advantage and how we can help you or your employees, call Tania Archer at 647-258-5960 and start getting the help you need now.