Food addiction is real & recovery is possible

Just like with drugs and alcohol, some people experience an addictive effect from certain foods. This often leads to food compulsion, and can develop into full blown addiction. Recent studies show our brain response to sugar is similar to cocaine.

Do you struggle with:

  • Obsessive thoughts about food?
  • Eating compulsively?
  • Not being able to stop eating once you start?
  • Dieting and maintaining your ideal weight?

At Renascent, we know how hard this is. It is not your fault.

You are not alone. It’s estimated that one in 20 Canadians are food addictsRecent studies show over 40% of people with binge eating disorder are also addicted to certain foods.

Renascent’s team of experts have developed intensive inpatient and outpatient programs specifically designed to treat compulsive eating and food addiction. We’ve helped over 50,000 people recover from substance addictions and we can help you too. 

The Problem:

Highly palatable foods, which include processed substances like sugar and white flour, can activate an addictive response among certain individuals. It is estimated that food addiction and compulsive eating is reported to effect 1 in 20 Canadians. This represents approximately 5% of the Canadian population and is a major contributing factor to several chronic conditions including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.  

Food addiction is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed by healthcare professionals, and controversial as food is necessary to live. Just like an alcoholic is only addicted to a specific type of liquid, food addicts are only addicted to specific types of foods. 

The Solution:

As a national trusted leader, Renascent has been helping individuals and families impacted by substance addictions since 1970. Our abstinence-based model integrates 12-step facilitation with other best practices in clinical and medical approaches, which has been shown to help people achieve long-term success. As addiction is a chronic condition, avoiding triggering food and acquiring the tools to help identify and prevent a relapse are essential to your success.

You will learn how food addiction affects your body, how to develop and maintain a food plan without feeling deprived, calorie restrictions and support whole health. Weight loss is inevitable, and we give you the tools to keep it off for good.

This approach doesn’t come with gimmicks, unusual foods, or magic pills. Our program includes a balanced food plan that has been created to support your hunger cues. Eating will continue to pleasurable; we will teach you how to eat to achieve a happier, healthier you.

Our exclusive inpatient and outpatient programs are designed and delivered by our specialized team, including a registered psychologist, registered psychotherapist, registered dietitian, and certified food addiction counsellors as well as our board certified addiction medicine doctor. We provide around-the-clock counselling and support and teach practical recovery skills, getting to the underlying issues to empower you to manage your weight and eating.

We are proudly accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation

You have two options for recovery:

5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For men and women in the earlier stages of food addiction.

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll undergo an intensive 5-day recovery program at the Graham Munro Centre, our women’s treatment house. 

This will be followed by 20 weeks of Continuing Care, which supports you as you reintegrate into your daily life and home community.

Cost: $4,995

28-Day Intensive Inpatient Treatment

For women in the middle and later stages of food addiction.

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll undergo our full addiction recovery program at the Graham Munro Centre, our women’s treatment house. 

This will be followed by 20 weeks of Continuing Care, which supports you as you reintegrate into your daily life and home community.

Cost: $13,995 

For a free and confidential consultation with one of our counsellors:

I am sending this as a thank you for everything that you have done for me (and with me), everything you’ve put into my recovery and going above and beyond since my graduation from the house.
My life is getting better day by day and this feeling, for the first time in my life, is not related to my weight, my size or a diet I am following.
I have spent so many years missing out, hiding, isolating, being afraid to see people or participate “until I can eat normally ” or “until I lose weight”.
In the past two weeks, I have accepted invitations for 2 weekends away at cottages, one bbq, one wedding and I booked a trip out west to Banff to visit friends. I’ve sourced grocery stores in the areas and made hosts aware that I am preparing my own meals.
I started hiking again. Today I entertained guests, serving them mostly foods that are on the plan, as well as a couple of other items, which did not bother me in the least. No triggers. No uncomfortable feelings.
I am also in the process of booking a trip to Mexico for January. I haven’t been on a vacation in 7 years and I had not had any time off work in 3 years before my stay at Renascent.
I can’t thank you enough. I’d say you’ve given me my life back but it sort of feels like I’ve been given a new life altogether.


January 2018

Am I a Food Addict?

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Find out how Diana’s experience with the program changed her life:

Have you considered that maybe dieting wasn’t the right approach for you? Are you struggling with your weight or compulsive eating and feel completely out of control? Food addiction and compulsive eating are real and can lead to serious health conditions, often misdiagnosed and misunderstood, stigma is huge a barrier. Studies show certain foods can create the same reaction in the brain as drugs and alcohol.

Renascent can help. Our team of food addiction experts include certified counsellors, registered therapists with specialized training in food addiction, a registered dietitian, and an addiction physician. Having these experts help you build a treatment and food plan will provide you with food freedom and live a healthier, happier life.

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In the Media

The CBC’s White Coat, Black Art launched their season with an episode about our program, featuring interviews with Dr. Vera Tarman and Annie Rosenberg, an alumni of the program.

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Seven months later, the show followed up with Annie to see how she was faring.

Hear the follow up!

Dr. Vera Tarman, author of Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction and Renascent’s Medical Director, was invited to be on CBC’s The Goods:

As an accredited national leader in treating addiction since 1970, we offer Canada’s only intensive inpatient and outpatient programs for food addiction.

Stop blaming yourself and speak to one of our trained experts to see if our programs are right for you. 

Our programs are affordable and effective, because you deserve it.

Live your best life today.

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