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Perspective: The Children of Addiction

by Jowita Bydlowska “You make my mom go away. You make me feel hatred,” a kid read out loud from his letter to addiction, a part of an exercise in the Children’s Program at the Renascent Treatment Centre in Toronto. He hugged his mom afterwards with such intensity, it...

Family Recovery Means Children Too!

The good news is that children of alcoholics can and do recover. Treatment programs and community based organizations can use specially designed games and activities to help children play their way to health and understanding. During this process they build upon their strengths, deepen their resilience, and further realize their intrinsic beauty and worth.

Video: One Day I Will

20 Stories High Theatre Company and Children of Addicted Parents and People present One Day I Will, a short film working with the real life experiences and poetry of young people who have been affected by an addiction in...

Perspective: A second chance with my kids

Since sobriety (and a whole lot of work on my own spirituality), they seem to have become more confident, they have not gotten in trouble at school, and are much less likely to fly off the handle and react to challenges with fits of anger. This change, I believe, is due to them no longer having to deal with a toxic environment. They are learning to live life in a much healthier way.

Breaking the Cycle: Tips for Recovering Parents

What you are seeking here is aiding each child and the family as a whole to redefine their story based on an understanding of what things were like before, what happened that changed that, and what things are like now. These story reconstructions and storytelling processes are essential to personal and family recovery from addiction.

Perspective: In the footsteps of my father

With my mom joining Al-Anon and my dad AA, I saw how our household changed from chaos to love. I witnessed the mighty shift of recovery first hand. But at the time, I did not want anything to do with their programs or their newfound love for me. I was heavy into my own alcoholism and I was loving my booze and drugs a lot more than I was loving my family or myself.

The Forest and the Trees

I worked the job I love (when I’m not hating it), and I was able to be there for my family. There’s the forest. And the forest is only beautiful through the trees which make it up, something a friend reminded me today.