Renascent’s abstinence-based treatment model results in treatment outcomes that are among the best in Canada.
71.4% of Renascent clients remain clean and sober two years post-treatment.*

With success rates, however, as with all statistics, it’s always wise to “read the fine print.” Some key things to consider when looking at the numbers:

Alumni CareWhat is considered “success?”

The goal of addiction treatment is long-term recovery. Some treatment centres however, may consider a reduction in substance use, or a minimal number of relapses, as “success.” At Renascent our treatment is abstinence-based and our success rates are based on long-term complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs. We understand that relapses can be part of a journey toward recovery, but for evaluation purposes, relapses or reduction in substance use are not included in our success rates.

How long was the study period?

A good rule of thumb is the longer the period studied, the more it is an indication of long-term recovery. Is the study period three months, six months, a year? Renascent’s success rates are based on remaining clean and sober for a full two years post-treatment.

Are there any other conditions included in the success rates?

Some studies’ criteria for success include the addition of other supports: ongoing treatment, attendance at 12 step support groups, etc. At Renascent we strongly emphasize involvement in 12-step recovery, but for our evaluation of our outcomes our only criteria are that clients have completed our Primary Care and Continuing Care programs.

Was the study performed by a third party?

The most transparent and reliable studies are those performed by an independent research evaluation consultant. Some treatment providers conduct their own studies in-house. Renascent’s outcome studies are all performed by independent third-party consultants with no vested interest in the outcome.

What is the most meaningful measure of success?

Virtually all of our clients have said that they would recommend Renascent to others seeking treatment. As gratifying as that is, it is not a measure of success. At Renascent, our sole measure of success is that our clients remain clean and sober and truly reclaim their lives.

If you have any questions about our success rates or any other aspect of our treatment programs, we are here to help.
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* 71.4% of clients who completed Primary Care and Continuing Care successfully maintained abstinence 24 months post-treatment (Sue Weinstein, Research & Evaluation Consultants, October 2008)

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