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Seeking New Board Directors for Renascent Fellowship and Foundation Boards

July, 2020

Exciting Opportunity:

  • For someone passionate about furthering Renascent’s mission of ensuring people with substance addiction can access quality treatment, and that cost is never a barrier.
  • We prioritize diversity in the composition of our board and encourage applications from members of the Black Community, Indigenous Community, other racialized communities, and the LGBTQIA2S+ communities, so that we may better serve these communities in great need of addiction services.
  • Lived experience and 12 step recovery a tremendous asset. 
  • Specifically seeking expertise/experience in the following areas: 
    • Finance and accounting
    • Fund-raising and community engagement
    • Lived experience and recovery as a family member.
  • Renascent alumni applications most welcome! 

About Renascent:

Renascent is an accredited leader in the addiction treatment field, with a legacy of serving people impacted by substance addiction for nearly 50 years. As a charitable health care organization, Renascent is committed to the values of compassion, respect, and empathy, as well as evidence-based approaches and continuous improvement. Renascent addiction treatment programs provide person-centered care within an abstinence-based model, integrating 12 step facilitation with current best practice clinical approaches.

Due to the impact of addiction on families, specialized programs and support are also offered for family members, including children. In addition to providing treatment, Renascent actively engages communities through the Renascent Foundation to raise awareness, funds and resources for the treatment and prevention of addiction.

Renascent is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Renascent’s Boards:

The amazing work of Renascent is accomplished through two organizations, Renascent Fellowship and Renascent Foundation. These charitable organizations are incorporated separately but work in a very integrated manner. Each organization has its own Board of Directors that meet together at Joint Board Meetings to enable coordinated and cohesive planning, goal-setting and visioning.

Renascent’s management team also operates in an integrated way with one CEO for both organizations and an integrated senior leadership team.

Renascent Fellowship primarily conducts the work of treatment and service delivery for addiction. Renascent Foundation works to mobilize community support and fund-raise for Renascent Fellowship. Renascent Foundation owns and leases properties to Renascent Fellowship for its use, and conducts business development for the organization.

The Boards meet quarterly jointly, to share information and experience. The Annual General meeting is held each September. Board meetings typically last about three hours. Occasionally, special meetings are held to discuss specific urgent and/or lengthy items. The Boards tend to meet at least once a year for a workshop or “retreat” day regarding topical strategic matters. 

Directors’ Responsibilities:

  • To lead, in collaboration with senior management, the development of strategy, risk assessment and goal setting, to advance the organization in realizing its vision and contributing to community. 
  • To oversee the financial and operational health of the organization, and its fiduciary responsibilities through the monitoring of key management reports, financial statements, and participation at Board Committee meetings and Board Meetings.
  • To actively participate and have reliable attendance at Board Meetings and Committee Meetings. Board members are expected to be prepared for all meetings, having read written reports and documents that are circulated in advance of the meetings. It is estimated that time commitment of a Board Director is 5 to 7 hours per month, or more.
  • Each Director is expected to participate in at least one board committee or support the Board on specific initiatives. Most committees meet at least quarterly, separate from the regular board meetings. The standing committees are; 
    • The Executive Committee is composed of the Treasurer, President/Chair, CEO and one Director from each Board.
    • The Audit and Finance Committee is composed of the Treasurer, President/Chair, CEO and one Director from each Board.
    • The Governance Committee includes Directors from both boards.
    • The Client, Program and Quality Committee is composed of both Fellowship and Foundation Board Directors. 
    • The Fundraising Committee is composed of Foundation Board Directors. 
    • The Property Committee includes Directors from both boards. 
    • The Alumni Committee contributes to the ongoing relationship with Renascent alumni
  • As a charitable organization and not-for-profit, it is important for all Board Directors to demonstrate leadership and commitment in terms of their own personal philanthropic giving to Renascent. Directors are asked to make a meaningful personal donation to the organization on an annual basis as stewards and leaders of the organization. 
  • To be informed about the organization’s by-laws, mission, values, code of conduct, relevant policies, and legislation which affects the organization. 
  • To be aware of the activities of the organization in the community, as well as general trends in the sector in which it operates. 
  • To clearly express and constructively discuss concerns or opposition to board decisions at the time the issue is being considered, and exercising their vote unless a conflict of interest exists;
  • To maintain solidarity in support of decisions made by the board in good faith after reasonable consideration; 
  • To work effectively and respectfully with staff on committees or other work of the board, while knowing and respecting the distinction in the roles of board and staff

Submitting an Application:

Interested applicants should send their applications to

Renascent wishes to thank all individuals who apply for this position, however, only applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted.