Perspective: To Raise Our Children, We Must First Raise Ourselves

Father and daughter

I was at a crossroads. Faced with two bewildered little children and a failing business, I toyed with swapping my two nightly beers for a six-pack to knock the edge off the day. I couldn’t do it. I knew if I repeated the alcoholism modeled by my father, my children would end up as scarred as I had been. I needed help.


Really Good Reasons You Need to be Involved in Your Family Member’s Addiction Treatment

Happy family having fun outdoors in spring green park

Spouses often complain that they have lost themselves in the process of their significant other’s addiction. They find that they have become people that they not only never intended to be, but that they do not like. In family treatment, you get to find yourself again. You will come to know and accept that your loved one’s addiction is not your fault and that you cannot make them relapse.


Perspective: The Magic of Holiday Fellowship

I go to many parties and events related to this season but most are recovery related, with no drinking or drug use. I simply enjoy being around people in recovery much more these days. However, at family functions and other situations where there is drinking, my sobriety comes first. If I am finding that I am getting overwhelmed by the situation, I have the right to leave if necessary.


Family Recovery Means Children Too!

The good news is that children of alcoholics can and do recover. Treatment programs and community based organizations can use specially designed games and activities to help children play their way to health and understanding. During this process they build upon their strengths, deepen their resilience, and further realize their intrinsic beauty and worth.