Food addiction is real & recovery is possible

Just like with drugs and alcohol, some people experience an addictive effect from certain foods. This often leads to food compulsion, and can develop into full blown addiction. Recent studies show our brain response to sugar is similar to cocaine.

Is food ruining your life?

You’re not alone – Food addiction is real and recovery is possible

Are you feeling desperate?

Eat to escape your feelings and think about food constantly?

Are obsessive thoughts of foods distracting you from your work, your family, or your life?

Learn more about Canada’s only inpatient food addiction program for women


Do you eat compulsively?

Are you constantly consumed by thoughts of food?

Has food taken over your life?

Have you ever wondered why your previous weight loss and dieting attempts have been unsuccessful?

Have you considered that maybe dieting wasn’t the right treatment approach for you? 

Are you tired of blaming and shaming yourself when diets don’t work?

Have you considered the limited and risky surgical options currently available?


At Renascent, we know how hard this is. It is not your fault.

You may have a medical condition that is beginning to gain recognition and acceptance among health professionals. It is a disordered eating condition.

Compulsive eating and food addiction is reported to impact 1 in 20 Canadians. You are not alone in your struggle.

Renascent’s team of experts have developed intensive inpatient and outpatient programs specifically designed to treat compulsive eating and food addiction. We’ve helped nearly 50,000 people recover from substance addictions and can help you too. 


Our medical assessment includes 3 stages of assessment: 

  • Weight/Obesity Assessment by an addiction medicine specialist and registered dietician
  • Eating Disorder Assessment by a certified psychologist
  • Addiction and General Medical Assessment by an addiction medicine specialist
  • Brief Screening & Assessment
  • Medical review by a board-certified addiction medicine specialist
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Education: addiction, relapse prevention, 12-step recovery life skills, coping skills
  • Attendance at 12-step meetings
Admission Requirements
  • Desire to change unhealthy, destructive, and potentially life-threatening behaviours
  • Medical review and assessment
  • 4-week inpatient program: females only (self-identifying)
  • 5-day outpatient program: all genders
  • Aged 16 and above

Our intensive inpatient program for women is designed for people in late stage of the disease and is delivered by a team of experts with decades of experience in this field.

Our specialized team includes a registered psychologist, registered psychotherapist, registered dietitian, and certified food addiction counsellors as well as our board certified addiction medicine doctor.  We provide around-the-clock counselling and support and teach practical recovery skills, getting to the underlying issues to empower you to manage your weight and eating.

Outpatient Services for women and men will be available in Fall 2018 for those in the disease’s early and middle stages.

To arrange a confidential assessment or speak to our team of experts, email or call 1-877-230-2918.

The Goal

The goal of the program is abstinence from triggering food and other mood altering substances and help the client improve the quality of their life. Some of the things you’ll learn:

• How the Disease Affects Your Body, Mind, and Relationships
• Guilt, Shame, Self-Esteem, Dealing with Emotions, and Setting Boundaries
• Grief and the Stages of Recovery
• How to Shop, Chop, and Prep Meals

December 14, 2015 was a life-altering day for me. I entered a treatment centre for my food addiction and my life has been
transformed, as well as losing 75 pounds. I was a person who thought I couldn’t drive to Florida without eating peanut butter sandwiches!
Now I have healthy choices! In my ignorance of my disease, I didn’t realize flour was a trigger for me. During the whole three
weeks, I was never hungry. In fact, a lot of the time it was too much food!

Renascent Food Program Client


Am I a Food Addict?

Take a 20 question quiz to find out if you may be a food addict.

In the Media

The CBC’s White Coat, Black Art launched their season with an episode about our program, featuring interviews with Dr. Vera Tarman and Annie Rosenberg, an alumni of the program.

Click here to listen!

Seven months later, the show followed up with Annie to see how she was faring.

Hear the follow up!

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