Safety Sensitive Assessments


Effective, immediate solutions for employers

High-risk work environments can become even more dangerous if an employee has a drug or alcohol abuse problem – not only for the employee but for co-workers, the general public and your business. As an employer, you have an obligation under the OHSA (Ontario Health and Safety Act) to ensure that the health and safety of employees is protected.

  • Safety sensitive positions are those deemed potentially dangerous to employees, coworkers and the general public
  • Alcohol and drug use can increase the level of risk associated with safety sensitive positions
  • A comprehensive assessment regarding someone’s alcohol or drug use can provide the employer with information regarding the safety of their employee
  • Ongoing monitoring of substance abstinence is essential to ensure continuing safety of the employee

At Renascent we offer Safety Sensitive Assessments to determine if an employee is placing your workplace at risk and if addiction treatment is required. Our complete Safety Sensitive Program offers:

  • Safety-sensitive medical assessment with Renascent’s Medical Director
  • Primary Care: Intensive residential rehab treatment (28 and 35-day programs) or outpatient treatment
  • Continuing Care: 15 weeks of structured relapse prevention and one-on-one counselling
  • Family Care: Addiction recovery tools for family members to support both them and your employee
  • Alumni Care: Ongoing support for a lifetime of recovery
  • Compliance reporting for up to three years
  • Abstinence monitoring for up to three years
  • “Fitness for Duty” medical assessment and report by Renascent’s Medical Director



Concerned about an employee?

If you’re concerned that an employee may have a substance abuse problem that could affect workplace safety, call Tania Archer at 647-258-5960 to discuss a Safety Sensitive Assessment and start getting the answers you need now.