Abstinence Monitoring Program

Abstinence Monitoring Program

Abstinence Monitoring Program Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic, progressive illness with the potential for relapse, but if properly treated has lower rates of relapse than other chronic diseases such as asthma and hypertension. One of the key ingredients in guarding your employee against relapse – and ensuring the safety of your workplace – is accountability. Studies have shown that close monitoring by physicians, especially in early recovery, results in abstinence rates of over 80%.

Abstinence monitoring is an effective tool to track progress towards addiction recovery for both the employee and the employer. Regular urine drug screens give the recovering person added motivation to protect their sobriety. They also give the employer greater security in knowing that their employee is in fact safe to work on the job – particularly important for safety sensitive positions.

Renascent’s Abstinence Monitoring Program offers up to three years of regular random urinalysis screens, with additional random urinalysis screens available on request. Please note the following schedule which can help you ensure addiction recovery stays on track:

  • Year One: 12 random urinalysis screens
  • Year Two: 8 random urinalysis screens
  • Year Three: 6 random urinalysis screens

All screening is monitored by Renascent’s Medical Director and carefully coordinated by our Workplace Solutions team, who will provide you with first-hand results on a regular basis, keeping you informed and involved.

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