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Video: The Third Step Prayer

[su_youtube url=""]   "The only prayer that I was told to memorize in my early recovery was the Third Step Prayer of AA."  ...

Perspective: Moving Out of the Fog

Since the brain injury, I can only think about one thing at a time. I have to take things slower, step by step. Before my injury, everything was fast…Now if I have to do something I need to plan it out and take it one step at a time. If I look at the whole picture at once, it’s too much to digest. Everything is one step at a time.

Finding Your Calling

Most of us see ourselves as little people on a big planet — separate individuals competing with other individuals to get our needs met. There is a pie out there, and we need to get a bigger or better slice of it. Compete, acquire, protect — this is how many people see their work lives. But I find that the secret of career success is to shift our perception. Instead of seeing ourselves as limited creatures in need of a better situation, we can see ourselves as inspired, gifted beings empowered to improve every situation we find ourselves in.

Video: Addiction in the Workplace

[su_youtube url=""] Addiction in the workplace is more prevalent than you might think. There are a lot of very high-functioning individuals who are employed, and their addiction often affects their workplace in a multitude of...

Perspective: To Raise Our Children, We Must First Raise Ourselves

I was at a crossroads. Faced with two bewildered little children and a failing business, I toyed with swapping my two nightly beers for a six-pack to knock the edge off the day. I couldn’t do it. I knew if I repeated the alcoholism modeled by my father, my children would end up as scarred as I had been. I needed help.

Really Good Reasons You Need to be Involved in Your Family Member’s Addiction Treatment

Spouses often complain that they have lost themselves in the process of their significant other’s addiction. They find that they have become people that they not only never intended to be, but that they do not like. In family treatment, you get to find yourself again. You will come to know and accept that your loved one’s addiction is not your fault and that you cannot make them relapse.

Video: Step Two Guided Meditation

[su_youtube url=""]   With the aim of restoring your sanity this Family Day weekend, here's a short guided meditation to help you relax as well as re-focus your thoughts on the second step of the twelve steps of...